What Are Industrial Access Control Systems And Why Do Companies Need Them?

As businesses grow and become more complex, the need for better security grows with them. Industrial access control systems are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect your business from unauthorized access and keep your employees safe.

Industrial access control systems allow your employees to move freely throughout the areas of your facility they’re allowed to access, typically using a card reader, keypad, or biometric scanner, and bar them from entering any locations in which they are not allowed.

Whether your reasons for restricting employee access to certain areas include keeping them away from dangerous equipment, organizing access by employee role or their seniority, NCS has you covered with industry-leading protection.

NCS provides complete turn-key services from design, installation, maintenance of your company’s information systems, wide area and local area networks, outside plant, premise-wiring infrastructure, and security systems integration. Additionally, you can be confident in the quality of service protection we provide through Converged Access.

As a natural extension of our structured cabling division, NCS offers audio/visual integration services. NCS’s certified designers and engineers skillfully conceptualize, execute, upgrade and maintain superior audio/visual systems designed to connect classrooms, boardrooms and mass facilities.

NCS takes pride in all installations and delivering superior service at every phase. It’s at the core of our family owned company’s values. We care for our customers and want to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

We are a family of specialists and technicians dedicated to success. We are a Woman Owned Business. NCS is a cleared facility and cage codes can be provided upon request.

A few reasons to invest in industrial access control systems include:

  • Meeting compliance standards or regulations, such as those established by the Security Industry Association (SIA) that might apply to your industry
  • Reducing internal theft, which can be especially costly and complicated to deal with in an industrial setting.
  • Increasing the level of physical security in your building against unauthorized employees or people who are not employed at your company.

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How Can NCS Help Secure Your Facility?

As a leader in the industry, NCS has a wide array of security products and services to help keep your company operating safely and effectively.

Among other services, we can help your business with:

  • Infrastructure surveys and assessments to determine the unique needs of your business and find out what type of system would be best suit them
  • Accurate cost estimates, so you can budget effectively and know what you’ll be paying before any kind of installation takes place
  • Detailed system design
  • Turnkey installation and proper documentation of all software and hardware for your industrial access control systems
  • Technical maintenance and support
  • Professional after-project maintenance and support options to ensure that your system continues to operate exactly as it was meant to
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What Types Of Industrial Access Control Systems Does NCS Offer?

NCS offers a wide variety of industrial access control options for your business. Whether you run a large multi-site operation or something on a more modest scale, our systems are designed to seamlessly scale as your business continues to grow.

We offer the freedom to and convenience to choose from a variety of applications, including :

  • Card readers and IP-based access management software from leading manufacturers
  • Physical security, including locking hardware, turnstiles, gates and other physical barriers
  • High-resolution video surveillance systems including visible and hidden cameras, wireless networks, motion detection, and camera controls accessible from the convenience of your computer or smartphone
  • Emergency and blue light phones that allow for call tracking to manage visitors
  • Intrusion detection with real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities

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How We Helped The Houston Zoo

Houston zoo scaled
Security camera 3 scaled
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Security camera
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Houston zoo structured cabling
Houston Zoo
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Houston Zoo Structured Cabling
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Houston zoo
Security camera 3
Security camera 4
Security camera 2
Security camera
Galapgos zoo gift shop outdoor speaker
Galapagos zoo gift shop outdoor speaker (3)
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Houston zoo structured cabling
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Recently, we had the pleasure of helping the Houston Zoo make several important upgrades.

We updated its existing cabling system, audio visual systems, and security cameras around the park to be able to increase animal monitoring and visibility. We installed 60 Axis PTZ, multi-sensor, and fixed cameras in critical park areas.

The robust increases in their audio visual capabilities will help zoo staff members more closely monitor animal behavior.

This customized setup provides enhanced visibility to heighten staff response time if an animal were to exhibit unusual behavior, somehow escape its enclosure, or otherwise pose any kind of threat to patrons or staff.

The Zoo was extremely satisfied with the results we produced, and we look forward to assisting them with maintenance as needed and further system upgrades as they continue to expand and develop.


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Industrial access control systems in Houston can help you increase the safety of your assets and your employees alike. To learn more about what NCS can do for you, contact us today.