Looking for Structured Cabling Systems Installation & Solution in Texas?

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What Are Structured Cabling Systems?

Structured cabling and associated hardware systems allow access networks for applications such as telecommunications, security, and audiovisual platforms. The platform is composed of various smaller components and elements that are standardized for safety, cost, and efficiency.

What Encompasses Structured Cabling Systems and Subsystems?

Most structured cabling solutions include data cabling—the most basic type of structured cabling system—fiber optic cables, and modular connectors.

- Fiber Optic Cabling

- Voice, Video, and Data Cabling

Structured cabling branches into six specific subsystems related to their application.

1. Entrance Facility

2. Equipment Room

3. Backbone Cabling

4. Horizontal Cabling

5. Telecommunications Rooms

6. Work-Area Components

Why Do You Need Structured Cabling Systems and Why Are They Beneficial?

> Reduces clutter

> Makes diagnosing bugs and other system issues easier

> Allows for more flexibility

NCS Stands Out with Structured Cabling System Solution

Network Cabling Services (NCS) can establish a structured cabling system for your commercial space. NCS’s experts are trained in more than 100 manufacturing lines and have experience providing services to various large-scale companies in a plethora of industries.

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