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Vape Detection Solutions: Beyond The Purview Of Security Equipment


Although traditional cigarette use is on the decline, vaping continues to increase and cause problems in many educational and workplace settings. But just as smoke detectors did in the heyday of cigarettes, vape detection solutions are leading the charge in controlling and eradicating vaping and associated behaviors in educational and sensitive working environments.

Better still, the increased functionality of these solutions has expanded to cover a wide range of concerns for those in facilities and building management.

How Vape Detection Solutions Work to Identify Problem Behavior

Vape detection solutions, vape detectorAs mentioned, vaping has replaced smoking as the number one issue for both K-12 schools and those in the private sector who need to control and disperse those involved in vaping activities. But products designed for vape detection have a much more extensive range of capabilities than their smoke detector predecessors.

For one, they can also detect smoke, making the traditional smoke detector redundant. Furthermore, these devices can detect raised voices in areas where security cameras can’t be placed (such as in school bathrooms) to help prevent instances of bullying.

On a broader level, they can also detect specific chemical compounds (such as the psychoactive THC) as well as particular noises that would raise concerns for any building owner, for example, breaking glass or gunshots. These features make vape detectors an excellent addition to sensitive environments such as hospitals, manufacturers of sensitive goods, commercial buildings, and hotels.

With that in mind, which companies provide the leading vape detection solutions?

FlySense™ – Soter Technologies

Flysense 2. 5 soterLeading wireless technology company Soter has teamed up with IoT provider Ruckus to make an industry-leading these solution, FlySense™, which has already reported 80,000 vaping incidents in K-12 schools and other private establishments across the country. The solution reports vaping incidents to teachers and other individuals involved in building management so that fast action can be taken to break up vaping activities.

It uses built-in microphones to detect noises and alert those in management to problem behavior unfolding in locations that are impenetrable to cameras, such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and other problem hotspots. The reporting and analytics software included with the detectors can be programmed to notify specific staff members on particular days, making sure that those who are notified are on-site and capable of taking corrective action immediately.

HALO IoT Smart Sensor – IPVideo Corporation

Halo iot sensor. 5dc33746755a7The HALO IoT Smart Sensor was born out of a need to tackle the two epidemics of vaping within schools and mass school shootings. However, today you can spot them in a wide range of buildings in the hospitality, manufacturing, food-processing, and medical sectors. The HALO differs slightly in design from the FlySense™; it has 12 unique detection sensors that work together to detect several different substances and sounds with unlimited customization. It’s also the only vape detector that detects THC oil.

Much like the FlySense™, this detection solution is capable of detecting noises such as shouting or excessive banging, as well as alerting security personnel to invisible threats such as excess ammonia, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen in the atmosphere. What’s more is that each detector can have its detection settings customized to fall in line with typical ranges for your building, reducing the instances of false positives.

Environmental sensors are highly effective in helping facilities combat underage vaping, monitor air quality, and manage problematic behavior. Watch the video to learn how this technology works.

How it Works
A multi-sensor device is installed and placed in areas impenetrable to cameras, such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and other problem hotspots.

When vaping aerosol is detected, the sensor sends an email or text alert to administrators or can emit an audible alarm.

Built-in microphones can detect noise disturbances and alert officials to incidents that may suggest an emergency or violence such as bullying or fighting.

Alert security personnel to invisible threats such as excess ammonia, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen in the atmosphere.


  • Customizable Cloud-Based Communication
  • Real-Time Monitoring with Zero-Delay, Location-Specific Alerts
  • Incident Management for Gunshot Detection, Breaking Glass and Problematic Behavior.
  • Healthier Environment with Air Quality Monitoring
  • Unintrusive with No Video Recording

Take rapid and meaningful action to protect your students, employees, and clients from threats beyond the purview of security equipment.

Whether you’re a K-12 school, hospital, or commercial facility, NCS can integrate industry-leading vape detectors to your specific environment.

Protect Your Children and Employees with these Solutions from Leading Providers 

Here at Network Cabling Services, we can enhance the security and safety of either your educational or private organization using the latest advances in vape detection technology. Whether you’re a K-12 school or a hospital, we can tailor industry-leading vape detectors to your specific environment, helping to eradicate problem behaviors associated with vaping and other clandestine activities.

By installing these solutions, you can take rapid and meaningful action to protect your students, employees, and clients from threats taking place beyond the purview of audiovisual security equipment.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of installing a multifaceted vape detection solution, simply fill out our contact form to request more information.

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