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Vape Detection Solutions: Beyond the Purview of Security Equipment

Environmental sensors are highly effective in helping facilities combat underage vaping, monitor air quality, and manage problematic behavior. Watch the video to learn how this technology works.

How it Works
A multi-sensor device is installed and placed in areas impenetrable to cameras, such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and other problem hotspots.

When vaping aerosol is detected, the sensor sends an email or text alert to administrators or can emit an audible alarm.

Built-in microphones can detect noise disturbances and alert officials to incidents that may suggest an emergency or violence such as bullying or fighting.

Alert security personnel to invisible threats such as excess ammonia, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen in the atmosphere.


  • Customizable Cloud-Based Communication
  • Real-Time Monitoring with Zero-Delay, Location-Specific Alerts
  • Incident Management for Gunshot Detection, Breaking Glass and Problematic Behavior.
  • Healthier Environment with Air Quality Monitoring
  • Unintrusive with No Video Recording

Vape Detection Solutions
FlySense™ – Soter Technologies
HALO IoT Smart Sensor – IPVideo Corporation

Take rapid and meaningful action to protect your students, employees, and clients from threats beyond the purview of security equipment.

Whether you’re a K-12 school, hospital, or commercial facility, NCS can integrate industry-leading vape detectors to your specific environment.

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