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Transforming Data Center Infrastructure to Meet AI Optimization

Transforming data center infrastructure to meet ai optimization web banner

Global survey reveals 90% of IT leaders believe that unifying the data lifecycle on a single platform is critical for analytics and AI.

Transforming data center infrastructure for ai optimization infographicArtificial intelligence (AI) growth challenges data center build-out projects due to the need for more data center space, a tight labor market, and ongoing materials shortages. The unique architecture, infrastructure requirements, and layout of AI-optimized data centers require a transition that could involve removing legacy equipment or adding new equipment requiring additional cabling, racks, cabinets, or space. Understanding and preparing for AI’s impact on data center capacity planning is crucial.

For those designing, deploying, or certifying/validating AI data center network equipment and managing it, you must consider the following:

  • How Can AI Help with Data Analysis?
  • AI Data Center Network Requirements
  • Cabling Considerations and Challenges in AI Clusters
  • Fiber Optic Deployment
  • Cooling Challenges and Considerations
  • Data Center Security

Constructing a high-performance data center connectivity infrastructure requires an investment in high-bandwidth equipment to meet the evolving demands of today’s digital-first world and prioritize scalability and resilience.

View the infographic to learn more about the requirements needed for AI optimization.

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