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Top 4 Highlights From InfoComm 2022

Top 4 highlights from infocomm 2022 scaled

Given that InfoComm is one of the largest AV trade shows in existence, every year, we expect to see the latest offerings from innovative AV companies, and this year certainly did not disappoint. So, we’ll be going over 4 product highlights from our time at InfoComm 2022 that we believe will shape the future of virtual conferencing.

Biamp’s Parlé VBC 2500 Video Conferencing Bar

The Parlé VBC 2500 is a conferencing bar with Biamp Audio Intelligence and Biamp Video Intelligence that provides quality AV experiences in small- and medium-sized meeting spaces. The VBC 2500 combines a 27-microphone arrangement and Biamp Beamtracking innovations to dynamically monitor and effectively mix talks with embedded AEC, AGC, and NRD.

Two smart speakers combine distortion adjustment and dynamic bass augmentation technology to provide room-filling audio with enhanced speech performance. Biamp Launch, an automatic tuning technology that optimizes the audio for each conference venue, is also included with the VBC 2500.

A wider-pan 4K camera is included in the Parlé VBC 2500; it is geared for use in conference rooms. The camera uses high-quality lenses to deliver crystal-clear footage at 1080p and at 30 frames per second. The VBC 2500 auto-framing software recognizes meeting participants and alters the focus and resolution to keep them in view.


  • Beam-tracking technology that allows conversations to be actively tracked and smartly mixed
  • A deep learning sound absorption technique (used for clear voice synthesis)
  • Smart stereo speakers
  • Biamp Launch for automated tweaking with a single touch
  • LED indicators for camera operation and mute state
  • Wide-angle 4K camera capable of streaming 1080p at 30 frames per second
  • 5x zoom in electric pan/tilt/zoom
  • Auto-framing technology (used to keep participants in frames)
  • Privacy shutter
  • Mounting choices

PixelFlex’s FLEXMod Curved Video Wall

More innovation than ever before is possible with the FLEXMod Adaptive LED Curved Video Wall Tile. Its revolutionary compact size removes all standard display screen components, including shaders, holes, and any other obstructions to the spectator experience. Its form and flexibility to twist, bend, fold, and adhere to practically any metal surface makes it ideal for non-traditional LED applications. FLEXMod enables flawless convex or concave LED patterns where typical flat or flexible panels fail. FLEXMod is a one-of-a-kind lightweight, high-resolution, quality product.


  • Smooth Concave and Convex Curves: Enhance the visual landscape with flawless convex or concave contoured video walls that incorporate angles, arcs, and almost any other artistic element. With FLEXMod’s adjustable features, designing angles, arcs, cylinders, and continuous shapes has never been easier.
  • Front and Rear Serviceability: Replacing a single module is now simple, boosting field serviceability. Magnetic mounts and set screw openings make it possible to attach the device to any base metal or LED video layout.
  • Data and Power Regulation: Quality connectors and external receiving and sending management ensure safe and dependable interconnections among FLEXMod Adaptive LED tiles where typical flat or flexible LED panels are unsuitable. The power supply can be up to 30 feet away from any LED design, increasing its life and making the finished product sleek, light, and discreet.
  • Custom Frames: You may use magnets to attach FLEXMod Tiles to almost any surface. FLEXMod’s customized framing design is constructed for any unique planning and implementation, as each project is different.
  • Custom Sizing: FLEXMod tiles can be altered or cropped to produce angled tiles for more imaginative LED video displays.
  • Slim Construction: Smaller modules enable more innovative presentations.
  • High-Resolution Modules: A variety of pitch options enables high-resolution video streaming and modern construction projections.

Neat Devices

Neat Devices are simple, stylish, compact, and powerful meeting room equipment for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. They offer a range of products ideal for presenting high-definition multimedia content in a conference, group, or focus room.


With carefully engineered technical solutions in a compact design that easily suits meeting space needs, Neat Bar means business. No separate PC is necessary because a high-performance chip for enhanced high-quality video and audio is integrated into the bar. Furthermore, an auditory ultrasonic sensor detects the presence of people in the room.

Five microphones positioned in an end-fire array and several sensor mics enable advanced differential beamforming to maximize audio pickup within camera vision, allowing Neat Bar to enhance or suppress sounds. With built-in Bluetooth support and a broad ultrasonic tweeter, Neat Bar provides dependable, one-click wireless sharing for Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Neat boardNeat Board is a simple, attractive, all-in-one system that provides a complete meeting room solution. Neat Board enables notes and whiteboarding in addition to video conferencing and wireless content sharing using its spectacular 65-inch multi-touch screen, strong audio system, and versatile broad camera.


Neat padThe 15.6-inch portrait screen of Neat Frame enables more direct discussion in bigger gatherings, with a stunning 450 nits of illumination to pick up every facial expression and gesture. A front-facing tweeter and woofer accurately reproduce speech.

The Neat voice recognition algorithms and 3x microphone array enhance speech while reducing ambient noise and outside sounds such as typing on a keyboard. It also avoids unintelligible double talk, allowing for a more natural dialogue flow. Neat Frame intelligently frames people with a high resolution 113° field of view and 8x zoom to portray subjects in the best possible light, whether seated or not.

ZeeVee Intelligent AV Distribution

ZeeVee allows AV and IT professionals to build quick AV solutions with infinite scalability, outstanding performance, and unmatched dependability across industry-standard IP networks based on decades of experience in video encoding and IP connectivity.

Installers and AV managers using coaxial cable for AV delivery will find that ZeeVee’s RF Modulation solutions offer perhaps the most inexpensive and dependable methods of distributing multiple high-quality HD and SD sources to various destinations.

Users can send television programs, digital signage, or consumer material to any screen on an IP network with ZeeVee’s video streaming devices.

ZeeVee products can share content on more than 2 million screens worldwide. ZeeVee is ahead of the competition, offering products that anticipate client wants and available within 3–4 weeks.


InfoComm 2022 showcased new and exciting products for video conferencing. As video conferencing continues to become more mainstream, we all need to optimize our video conferencing setups to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies.

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