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DC Powered LED lighting is the latest in a long line of revolutionary technologies set to shape the smart buildings of tomorrow. By taking advantage of a DC powered lighting network, your premises can become much more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

But how, precisely, does this light technology work?

How DC Powered Lighting Work? 

Dc powered lightingFirstly, it’s essential to understand that DC powered lighting fits into the broader development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which will be a central tenet of smart buildings moving forward. IoT technology collects and shares data with other devices to make intelligent decisions without human involvement.

That collected data can be utilized by all businesses to maximize energy savings and run a building as cost-effectively as possible. Concerning PoE lighting, specifically, low-voltage power is transmitted over new or existing Category 5/6/6A Ethernet cables to both operate the lights and collect/send data back to other connected devices to make intelligent decisions regarding lighting.

Installing this network-powered lighting solution allows you to simultaneously meet sustainability goals and realize cost savings through space optimization and employee productivity.

What Are the Advantages of Switching to DC powered lighting?

Led flat panel lighting system compressorOnce in place, a PoE network provides a browser-based interface that allows for seamless commissioning, controlling, and monitoring of connected devices. All kinds of data can be collected, analyzed, and implemented to ensure maximum efficiency. For example, just by switching to DC powered LED lighting, companies save approximately 75% of the energy usage of fluorescent lighting.

DC powered lighting can even be tweaked to reflect the body’s circadian rhythm. Higher productivity can be achieved by implementing lower light settings in the morning and gradually increasing brightness during a working day, for example. Using a PoE network also allows for greater flexibility. With the ability to customize light controls across different workspaces, you can ensure that workstations that require the most light receive it.

Even if you already have LED lighting in place, you can implement as much as 15% savings with a PoE network with more intelligent decision making and enjoy the benefits of lower-voltage requirements. Finally, there is a PoE solution that facilitates sensor technology such as gunshot, humidity, or even CO2 detection, which can be installed as overlays to existing occupancy, daylight, or temperature sensors.

What if Your Company Isn’t Yet Ready for DC Powered Lighting?

Perhaps a state-of-the-art lighting solution isn’t quite for you at this moment in time. That is okay; NCS has just as much capability when it comes to other lighting applications. For instance, we can provide Crestron and Lutron lighting control systems, to name a few. We can provide the lighting control solution you are looking for, from motion-sensitive commands to auto-dimming auditoriums upon the connection of a laptop to a projector.

Auditorium lighting

Video conferencing is another technology set to take on an ever-increasing role in business communication, but inadequate lighting solutions can leave you looking bleary-eyed and unprofessional. We can have your conference room looking like Hollywood in no time with Brightlines lighting fixtures. The same goes for any space dedicated to delivering presentations. For a relatively small outlay, you can transform the impact you have on your clients and employees alike.

Whether you require a state-of-the-art DC powered lighting installation or you want to implement touchscreen LED lighting control for better delivery of video conferencing and presentations, NCS has the know-how to provide a perfect lighting solution for your organization.

Make sure to contact a member of our expert lighting team to inquire about an installation quote for your preferred lighting solution.

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