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Solution Spotlight: Initiate Global Lockdowns with Avigilon

Whether you oversee a K–12 or university campus, protecting students, teachers, and school administrators should be top priority. Access control systems are vital to ensuring school safety by managing credentials and facilitating the safe entry and exit of visitors daily.

According to the Washington Post, more than four million children experience a lockdown each year. Nationwide, that roughly equates to 16 daily lockdown events. Robust lockdown protocols and after-hour procedures should be in place to maintain 24/7 protection and combat threats presented to facilities all over the country.

What Are Emergency Lockdowns? 

Not specific to schools and college campuses, lockdowns occur when a threat occurs within or close to a building. When a location is locked down, either all or specific entrances to a building or campus are locked, preventing people from entering or leaving.

Plenty of different scenarios exist, including active-shooter situations, that necessitate lockdowns. Moreover, varying degrees of lockdown responses depend on the solutions that different schools use.

Some solutions create global locks, which allow credential access, and emergency exit doors remain open. Other schools perform lockdowns whereby all doors are immediately locked and credentials no longer work, but emergency exit doors remain open. Finally, a complete lockdown secures all doors; each is locked no matter its role, and credentials no longer grant access.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Legacy Lockdown Protocols? 

Many schools and campuses already have emergency protocols; at one of these locations, the lockdown strategy is initiated by someone with access to the school’s access control system. In other cases, lockdowns can be achieved only by physically traveling from door to door and locking them, which comes with inherent risks and personnel safety issues.

Worse, some lockdown systems lack fail-safes. For instance, if the person overseeing access control becomes incapacitated, it can suddenly become impossible to lock out threats posed to other staff members and students.

Implement Effective Emergency Lockdowns with Access Control Solutions from Avigilon 

Avigilon is a global leader in the access control space. Their comprehensive video security and access control solutions help create safe environments in schools and commercial settings worldwide. In the event of a threat, the cloud-based, integrated solutions allow you to do the following:

  • Generate alarms and instantly notify emergency personnel based on real-time footage from system hardware such as security cameras using the Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM)
  • Improve incident response time and enhance forensic investigations via the ACM Verify™ browser that allows searching for a specific person or vehicle across an entire campus by
    • uploading a photo or
    • entering a physical description, including clothing color, gender, or age
  • Deploy Avigilon Presence Detector for accurate human presence detection in indoor areas with traditionally limited visibility
  • Utilize advanced, pattern-based analytics to recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring irrelevant motion
  • Reduce noise and implement echo-canceling technologies with the H4 Intercom, a 3MP- wide dynamic range, and a low-light camera
  • Remotely communicate with visitors, verify identity, and grant or deny access

After the system is installed and integrated, easily enter your user credentials from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet anywhere in the world to create rule-based actions such as granting individual authorization. The software continuously learns what constitutes typical activity in specific settings and then flags unusual motion, revealing events that security personnel may have missed.

Cost Benefits from Easy Installation of a Browser-Based System

Cost is always a critical determinant when schools assess security solutions. While safety is of the utmost priority, budgets must also be met. What differentiates the Avigilon solution from many others is its interoperability with legacy systems and technology.

Their open-platform security solution is easily integrated with your existing HD and analog cameras. The software also supports open-field hardware from many other leading manufacturers. With the help of video encoders, you can utilize a cost-effective method to include legacy cameras into a network-based IP system—no additional infrastructure is required. With no additional infrastructure needed, you can significantly upgrade your school’s security position without the outlay associated with a site-wide system upgrade.

Upgrading Your Security Solutions (Including Lockdown Capabilities) 

Recent mass shooting incidents have highlighted that, while security threats tend to affect schools disproportionately, incidences of violence within work environments and public spaces continue increasing. Whether your organization is a private commercial enterprise or a public-facing facility with a heightened security risk (such as a hospital or an airport), with a proactive, integrated security solution in place, you can add heightened protection for your faculty, staff, and students.

If you would like to arrange a consultation to assess your security technology plan and explore the possibility of enhancing your existing systems, feel free to speak to a member of our security integration team today.

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