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Security And Audiovisual Service And Maintenance Agreements

Security And Audiovisual Service And Maintenance Agreements

Audiovisual service

Many customers are curious why a service and maintenance contract is necessary. These contracts are similar to an insurance policy – you never really understand why you have it until you need to use it. With our comprehensive service maintenance agreements, NCS provides the expertise and support needed to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your systems, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted protection.

Benefits Include:

  • Priority service and rapid response time within 1-hour
  • No cost for repair of failed equipment
  • No cost for travel and labor
  • Inspection of all components of equipment once repaired
  • Annual system inspection and maintenance
  • Re-training on systems

Security And Audiovisual Service Agreement Benefits

Preventative Maintenance (Scheduled Quarterly)

We schedule quarterly inspections to keep your system performing to its fullest. Preventative Maintenance visits include

  • Exterior cleaning of dust and dirt from system components including projector lenses, camera lenses and domes.
  • Interior cleaning of system components as needed.
  • Cleaning of all dust filters in system components.
  • Testing for normal function of all system components.
  • Repair or replacement of any system components necessary to restore normal system function.
  • Software and firmware updates to equipment.
  • A written summary of maintenance performed, and any necessary or recommended action required to ensure the system’s continued service and operation.

Restore Normal System Functionality

We schedule service calls to restore your system to normal operation. Covered Service Calls include:

    • Repair or replacement of system components as needed to restore normal system function.
      • When an installed system component is non-repairable, and a new replacement is not available, NCS will provide an equivalent make or model to replace the defective component
      • When an installed system component is replaced with a different make or model, NCS will provide any required programming to restore the system to normal function.
    • All labor necessary to return your system to normal operation.

NCS Customer Portal: Supporting The Ever-changing World Of Technology

Create an account updated

STEP 1: Create An Account

NCS makes it easy to schedule an appointment on your system with our Customer Portal. Once you have signed in, you can create or view existing tickets.

Customer service

STEP 2: Monitor Tickets

Easily monitor ticket progress without having to pick up the phone. The tickets are updated in real-time and include notes about the progress and stage of the ticket.

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STEP 3: Receive Updates

You will receive status update notification emails as we process your tickets. Communicate with our team by replying directly to these emails.

Increase the lifetime value of your audiovisual and security systems by investing in a maintenance plan. All NCS service level agreements (SLAs) represent flexible, tailored preventative maintenance and technical support designed to keep your equipment running longer and within budget.

24/7 Service Support

Unlimited, Onsite Technical Support

NCS will respond onsite within twenty-four hours from the receipt of the initial service request to assess the problem and determine the appropriate course of action. Priority response over other customers who do not have a service agreement in place.

Replacement Part And Technician Labor Discounts

NCS can help identify, diagnose and repair system problems. Our service technicians are equipped to track down the issues and repair any AV and security issues you may be experiencing.

Yearly System Testing & Calibration

Prevent system or component downtime through endpoint monitoring, regularly scheduled care, service, and team training.

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