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Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial


The need for structured cabling in industrial applications

IndustrialHarsh environments, like those found in a processing area or on the factory floor, require highly robust and carefully designed systems that meet high-speed transmission needs, can survive the environment, and consume minimum space to connect your machinery, network, and instrumentation and control systems. Compounded by the fact that heat, channel noise, and even dust can interfere with connectivity, you are looking at an environment inhospitable to today’s speed and stability requirements.

Even in environments where wireless technologies may be possible, interference from EMIs and even walls can make for very specific constraints that must be followed. Providers of industrial connectivity solutions, like NCS, require specific knowledge of the types of interference, types of connectors and cables, architectural factors, and wireless technologies.

At NCS, we take the time to understand your environment and needs regarding such issues as:

  • Bandwidth and speed requirements
  • High-quality signal transmissions
  • How distance affects speed and voltage
  • Cost-to-benefit requirements
  • Architectural limitations
  • And much more

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Creating a revolution in manufacturing and other industrial sectors, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing every aspect of your environment. Structured cabling provides the backbone for modern smart factories. Smart sensors and actuators connect people and machines to the internet, increasing the safety, efficiency, and productivity of factories. Data gathered from IIoT systems mitigates potential problems and can provide solutions to those that already exist.

The devices and communication networks that make the IIoT possible operate at low-frequency levels and therefore are especially susceptible to electronic noise that factory equipment generates. High-voltage systems and rotating machineries like pumps and industrial robots produce elevated levels of EMI. Also, modern factories usually contain miles of cabling through walls and conduits accumulated over years of haphazard installations. These can produce electronic interference and act as antennas to amplify ambient interference.

Applications and use cases

Our vast experience with managing the challenges of cabling and wireless infrastructure in the industrial environment is unsurpassed. We can provide the most effective and appropriate connectivity architecture for any need, including:

  • Optical ground wiring (OPGW) as a ground for high-mast aerial power cables and to provide connectivity for control systems, such as SCADA, to manage power distribution.
  • Outside plant (OSP) design linking buildings, and facilities. NCS has a wide range of options, from underground to aerial cabling and even air-blown cabling options for both copper and fiber.
  • Wireless solutions allow for greater mobility of workers and devices while decreasing the use of cabling. Easily integrate devices such as bar code scanners, paging systems, or IP phones into networks, and allow installations in remote or problematic locations.
  • Access control systems such as locks, entry devices, and door alarms assist in protecting against external or internal threats and increases compliance with regulations for today’s needs.
  • Video surveillance and CCTV systems add an extra layer of security to your facility by deterring theft or violent behavior. Add the ability to monitor dangerous processes with explosion-proof cameras.
  • Audio Visual State-of-the-art video communications can save time and improve productivity. Add high-quality audio, video, and web conferencing capabilities to any location with integrated cameras, microphones, and monitors.

We provide not just installation but also full turnkey support for your facility

Rely on the expertise of NCS to provide the latest industrial connectivity technologies. In addition to our cabling services, we provide a host of additional solutions to help when the need arises, including:

  • Quick emergency response times for estimates and deployment when necessary.
  • In-house quality and safety inspection team experienced in reducing safety and/or financial risks by assisting in the prevention of noncompliant or substandard cabling.
  • Versed in the standards for UL compliance and telecom industry standards (BICSI, TIA), along with dozens of specialized requirements.
  • Support for manufacturer warranties, clear communications, and certifications enable you to sleep better at night knowing your company is safe, secure, and protected.

Put our expertise in network cabling, audiovisual, security, and wireless systems to work, and take unprecedented command over your network to create efficiencies for your staff and enable a future-ready facility.

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