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The need for structured cabling in education

EducationTechnology  innovations that are driving fundamental change in modern education that integrate nearly every aspect of the learning experience. At all levels, from Pre-K through 12th grade and college, educators and technology are working collectively to enable fully interactive learning experiences for students. Flexibility remains a vital concern while schools continually adapt to meet the needs of today’s students.

Seamless integration of data (wired and wireless) communications and audio/video technologies requires knowledge of both the available pathways and the purpose of the room (now and in the future). This knowledge also extends from traditional data communications and VoIP needs to systems like building automation, security and access control, mass communication, and more. As specialists in education technologies, NCS has the team to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

  • Modular system cabling offers potential for substantial savings, enhanced safety, and greater flexibility BY ALLOWING prefabricated wiring used for electrical, telecommunications and building-automation commands WITHOUT HAVING TO ASSEMBLE ON SITE.
  • Traditional cabling while requiring deep wall mount boxes and factory terminated connections, does provide a short-term, lower-cost alternative to modular cabling. These are ideal for existing schools being upgraded or retrofitted, instead of new construction.
  • Copper cabling systems provide the infrastructure needed to connect network devices in any school setting. From large campuses to single buildings, NCS solutions can deliver the bandwidth and reliability needed.
  • Fiber-optic systems meet the needs of today’s network by providing the bandwidth and distance requirements  to support today’s video applications as well as tomorrow’s high-definition video, augmented reality, e-learning, and more.
  • Racks, cabinets, and cable management enable infrastructure in the data center and equipment rooms to hold equipment, patch panels, and components to help manage power and cooling challenges in your data center. Designed properly this will allow for easier modifications, administration, and documentation.

Applications include

  • Physical network security allows blocking unauthorized access to your network infrastructure. Compatible with copper and fiber connectivity, wireless, and USB ports, these solutions help protect the network and your students.
  • Video surveillance and Beyond We offer traditional security methods such as cameras, access control, and intrusion solutions; however, the future of security solutions go beyond video surveillance to include facial recognition, indoor wireless door locks, vape detection, and ballistics detection. Utilizing these smart technology solutions leads to a smarter security strategy for K-12 schools and higher education.
  • Audio Visual State-of-the-art video communications and video streaming technologies enable learning from any location and allow content to be streamed from any location. We can put high-quality audio, video, and web conferencing equipment in any location, with integrated cameras, microphones, and monitors.
  • Wireless and Wi-Fi solutions are opening a myriad of educational opportunities for students by eliminating geographical constraints to ensure better connectivity and improved access to information to drive both the learning experience and efficiency in schools.
  • Digital signage provides support for your students and staff, creating a more engaging, noticeable experience that can be easily managed in multiple locations across your school or campus.
  • PA systems Affordable networked audio for the overhead PA system allows for daily voice announcements and instant emergency alerts.
  • PoE Lighting Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting merges the technological advances in low voltage LED lighting with innovative PoE IP networking to create a single, converged digital building network that improves control over the light quality, energy bills, and substantially increases bulb life.

We offer not just installation, but full turnkey support for your schools.

The NCS team consists of experts in the latest connectivity technologies and compliance requirements. In addition to our cabling services, NCS provides a host of additional solutions to help when the needs arise, which include:

  • Quick emergency response times for estimates and deployment when necessary.
  • An in-house quality and safety inspection team experienced in reducing safety and/or financial risks by assisting in the prevention of noncompliant or substandard cabling.
  • Team members versed in telecom industry standards such as BICSI and TIA along with dozens of specialized requirements.
  • Support for manufacturer warranties, clear communications, and certifications that enable you to sleep better at night, knowing your company is safe, secure, and protected.

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