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Texas A&M Corpus Christi LSE Building


Texas A&M Corpus Christi


Corpus Christi

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Vision: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is committed to becoming one of the leading centers of higher education in the Gulf of Mexico region while serving the intellectual, cultural, social, environmental and economic needs of South Texas. As a result, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi will invigorate and strengthen the region and state through its educational programs, research initiatives and outreach efforts.

Mission: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is an expanding, doctoral-granting institution committed to preparing graduates for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in the global community. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, creative activity and service. Our supportive, multicultural learning community provides undergraduate and graduate students with a challenging educational experience through residential, distance learning and international programs. The university's federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) provides a foundation for closing educational gaps, while its strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico and on the cultural border with Latin America provides a basis for gaining national and international prominence.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi upholds their values of excellence, integrity, leadership, sustainability, and inclusion. Their key IT objectives are that of improving operational credibility, automating manual processes, heightening security, enhancing research, and enabling teaching and learning. Partnered with NCS, Superior Essex, and Leviton, Texas A&M Corpus Christi worked to make their objectives a reality. 

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Momentum: 20/20

Become an emerging research university with unparalleled commitment to every student’s success, closing gaps in achievement and delivering a robust campus experience.

 The University has seen almost $350 million in construction over the past decade and boosted undergraduate enrollment 29 percent since 2012.

Information & Technology Key Objectives

  • Improve Operational Credibility
  • Automate Manual Processes
  • Heighten Security
  • Enhance Research
  • Enable Teaching & Learning

With a focus on Faculty and Administration, Students, Information Technology Systems, and Facilities & Operations.

Enhancements to the following, Learning Spaces, Faculty and Staff areas, non-academic facilities and service collaborative spaces.


Texas A&M Corpus Christi is driven by the success of their students and faculty. They accomplish this through offering a fully robust technology experience. Since they are such a technologically driven school, it is imperative to have state of the art facilities. Working hand in hand with specific manufactures and tailoring their specifications allowed Texas A&M Corpus Christi flexibility in the early design phase. They were able to discuss products and trends in technology as it pertains to higher education. This creativity works, hand in hand with Network Cabling Services.

Without providing a system design package that allows for growth, the negative impact would be felt by their students.  Upgrading these systems is tedious, causing an interruption in service and adding additional unnecessary cost.  

TAMU had been thinking about the Internet of Things for some time now and how the Division of Information Technology could leverage these technologies. It became apparent that their copper infrastructure needed to be updated to support a CIoT environment. About a year ago they commissioned Engineering Lab 3, the first building on our campus to make use of Category6A cabling and lights out patching. Through lessons learned they updated the campus specifications and are implementing them in Tidal Hall.  

NCS Solution:

NCS works closely with Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Together we developed a design and division 27 & 28 specification package based off end-user requirements. Using state of the art equipment such as the 10g Superior Essex cable, NCS has implemented a design that is laying the foundation for the future of the internet in this building. Right now, the average ratio is about 5 devices to one person, and it will grow even more. The wireless access points are 20-30 watts and with the Category 6A Powerwise 10g, you can push 100 watts of power and can now power high demand wireless access points and more smart enabled endpoints. Proximity sensors and LED lighting enunciate that Texas A&M Corpus Christi is trying to integrate emergency directional lighting, occupancy centers, and speakers into one light fixture, ultimately providing cost and energy savings for new buildings moving forward. Texas A&M’s goal was to “future-proof” the campus with the possibility of connecting more internet smart devices. Moving forward towards PoE lighting with the use of Life and Safety directional features and -providing more through-put, leading to more access points. When asked if he thinks these sorts of improvements are only the tip of the iceberg for the campus, or if outfitting every building with this technology will live up to the full “of the future” designation, Kris answered, “In ITS we must evolve, we are never satisfied with the norm.  Our specifications are tailored to meet the requirements of the universities mission statement and our divisions key objectives.”


With the help of NCS, Superior Essex, Leviton, Panduit, and Chatsworth, Texas A&M Corpus Christi has solutions in place that will accomplish their goal of student success.     When asked what the motivation was for choosing to update the LSE building Kris answered, “During my professional career I’ve always had a passion for the information technology industry.  I take pride in our division 27 and 28 specifications.  It’s been living breathing document that has evolved from 2001 to 2019.  I tear it down and build it from scratch with each new building, documenting and discussing lessons learned after each build.  The ultimate goal, design each new building to be showcase quality.”


Superior Essex:



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