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Product Spotlight: Meridia EZ-Vote Electronic Voting System

ez vote and student response keypads - meridia interactive solutions' ez-vote electronic voting system ensures secure votes can take place in settings where secure, anonymous voting may be needed. - ncs

EZ-Vote Electronic Voting System, developed by Meridia Interactive Solutions, ensures secure votes can take place in settings such as local government buildings, college campuses, and medium- to large-sized corporations. But what is the EZ-Vote Electronic Voting System, and how does it ensure security, privacy, and flexibility for organizations that implement this effective technological solution?

Why is the EZ-Vote Electronic Voting System Important to Voting Security?

The EZ-Vote System is a voting solution whereby paper, voice, or hand voting is not a feasible solution. It could be that individuals are required to vote on sensitive matters, and thus, anonymity is vital. Or it could be that paper voting would leave the door open for manipulation or fraud.

Whatever the reason may be, this electronic voting system allows users to vote using a specialized keypad, which is received by a USB receiver that then compiles and collects the data for analysis.

meridia ez vote electronic voting system and software

The system is currently in use at the U.S. House of Representatives and in thousands of local governments, and a version of this system is used within 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Meridia customers include NASA, Cisco, Heineken, BP Petroleum, Hershey, and Exxon Mobil, to name a mere fraction of their clientele.

With over one million keypads currently in operation, this system is one of the most widely used electronic voting systems in operation and presents a perfect solution for in-person, remote, or hybrid live voting events.

How Does the Platform Work?

There are two features of this system – namely, the hardware and the software. The hardware consists of a set of keypads (minimum of ten) and a USB antenna base receiver. There is also an option to use mobile devices or computers to ask members of an audience or association questions or motions to vote upon.

The data is then compiled by the receiver and analyzed by custom software, called TownVOTE, which is also provided by Meridia. This software can quickly calculate custom majorities (such as two-thirds majorities) within a matter of seconds. Not only can the accompanying software display real-time results and detailed voting reports, but it also gives organizations the ability to integrate voting content with programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can insert interactive voting slides into your PowerPoint presentation with a single click of the mouse. The software has compatibility with 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365 versions of Office, as well as Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

How Does the EZ-Vote Ensure Security and Anonymity?

There is a five-factor security protocol ensuring the security, anonymity, and the integrity of any vote cast using this solution:

  1. meridia ez-voteThe system uses a proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) protocol with multiple layers of security checks to ensure that no one is listening or interfering.
  2. The closed-circuit system uses a short-range frequency to ensure that only the people in the immediate vicinity of the system can vote.
  3. The system can be configured so that only specific keypads can work with the pre-configured base receiver (antenna).
  4. Prevent voting through the use of lost keypads by removing them from the (required) participant list within the TownVOTE software.
  5. The TownVOTE software allows for keypads to be assigned to individuals while still keeping the vote results anonymous, delivering a voting roll call to administrators.

The system is entirely offline, so no Wi-Fi network can be leveraged to lower defenses or interfere with results. The system can either deliver anonymous or identifiable voting to ensure everybody’s vote has been cast.

Meridia wireless communication protocol uses an analog signal layer modulation (SLM) mode with alternating frequency offset parameters, which ensures that, even if someone has the same radio chips, the signal cannot be reproduced or acknowledged if the parameters are incorrect.

There are several parameters, one of which is the length of the address code. This parameter alone has 65,536 variations, which is then multiplied by the number of combinations of the remaining signal modulation variables. This complex proprietary RF protocol makes the system almost impossible to hack or tamper with and far safer than any Wi-Fi network.

EZ-Vote System Use Cases

what is a voting system graphic softwareWhile local and national government is an obvious use case, this solution is used across several sectors. Within private enterprise, Meridia systems are pervasive among companies with shareholders and are frequently used in shareholder and board meetings where anonymity is critical. While most Fortune 500 companies have a Meridia voting system, 100% of American pharmaceutical companies own and operate one of these systems.

Other possible market use cases include church elections, classroom votes, homeowner associations, conventions, trade shows, fraternity and sorority votes, and team or sports club votes. Due to its versatility and flexibility, Meridia can provide a solution for almost any scenario in which a vote is required.

Education is another good example of a popular market use case, given its interoperability with Microsoft PowerPoint. For example, you could use the system as an audience response system. You can ask a question on a PowerPoint, and students can then select one of five answers using their keypads. The teacher can privately view and note who selected which answers, while the rest of the classroom can view an anonymous breakdown of the answer distribution on the next slide.

Case Study: NCS is Currently Implementing the EZ-Vote Electronic Voting System for City of Saginaw Council Chambers

city of saginaw texasDuring a series of audiovisual upgrades, NCS is installing an EZ-Vote system for the City of Saginaw Council Chambers. The project consists of supplying (20) 5-button voting keypads and installing a USB Receiver at their PC and the Meridia TownVOTE software. When completed, the council will be able to vote securely and anonymously (rather than relying on hand or paper votes).

Choose NCS for Your Audiovisual Upgrades and Installation of Electronic Voting Systems

NCS designs and installs dynamic, cost-effective network communication and audiovisual systems, including industry-leading electronic voting hardware and software solutions such as EZ-Vote.

Whether you are a tertiary education provider, large-scale enterprise, or a local government institution, we can help you to implement secure, anonymous votes that deliver bona fide integrity.

So, no matter how you plan to utilize forward-thinking, highly encrypted voting systems at your organization, speak to a member of our expert team about your audiovisual and networking requirements today.

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