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Product Spotlight: Corning Touchless Networking

Product spotlight corning touchless networking

Security and access control systems can be found just about anywhere these days. Locations such as multi-story parking garages, college campuses, K-12 schools, airports, medical centers, and large premises are just a few examples of facilities that require these vital systems.

These locations, however, all face the same challenges, including figuring out how to incorporate these elements into the network, given they are often more than 100 meters away from telecoms rooms. By their very nature, security solutions are often perched right at the very edge of the building infrastructure, with a lack of local power options.

So, how can you meet the challenge of powering and integrating security and access control solutions in hard-to-reach places?

As part of our ongoing series of solution spotlights, today we are looking at Corning’s Touchless Networking, which solves the problem of delivering bandwidth and power to devices in remote locations.

What is Touchless Networking?

Corning solution network cameras

In short, Corning Touchless Networking is a self-provisioning local area network (LAN) that leverages the benefits of fiber and power-deep architecture to enable applications like security cameras and simple access control systems in hard-to-reach places.

This multifaceted solution utilizes several Corning solutions (more on this later) to meet the challenge of facilitating the function of networked devices operating at considerable distances from a central hub (such as the equipment/telecoms room) or in difficult to access locations within a building or complex.

How Does the Corning Touchless Networking Solution Work?

Touchless Networking marries several Corning elements together to create a straightforward touchless LAN solution. It consists of a software-defined data plane (SDDP), a Corning® ActiFi® composite cable, software-defined access nodes (SDAN), a power supply unit (PSU6), and a one-time software license fee.

As networks grow to add more devices and more users, the solution is easily upgradeable to a fully-featured software-defined LAN (SD-LAN) solution without ripping out and replacing equipment or cables (click here to learn more about Corning’s ONE SD-LAN, an all-inclusive networking solution for AV, security, wireless, and LAN). A complete SD-LAN solution can adapt to more complex networks like WLAN (multiple SSIDs) or audio/visual applications as your building or campus infrastructure requirements expand.Corning touchless network

For the power requirements, Corning Touchless Networking takes power and data from your central telecommunications closet (and power cameras if necessary) via Class 2 low-power distribution along with PoE/PoE+ to the cameras and access control elements situated at the periphery of your physical network.

With the power issue solved, Touchless Networking helps on the data side, too, having the ability to transmit data back to the telecoms room from as far away as 1,800 feet. That’s without the need to install any new electrical cables, outlets, or mid-span equipment either.

So, apart from the apparent benefits concerning powering and integrating networked devices in remote or hard-to-reach locations, what are other advantages of upgrading to Touchless Networking?

What Are the Advantages of Installing Touchless Networking?

Quick Deployment

With this simple solution from Corning, installation is relatively painless, with the power unit only requiring one rack unit per chassis and power sourced from the equipment room without installing any new electrical cables.

Provide Power and Connectivity for Up to 350 End Devices

Touchless Networking is an excellent solution for those with high device requirements. Sites such as college campuses and industrial facilities can benefit from the Corning SDAN available in various port counts and PoE capabilities.

Positioning the 8-port SDAN at the edge enables up to 350 end devices from each touchless switch or software-defined data plane (SDDP). Better still, there are several configurable edge hardware options and enclosures, making this system suitable for all kinds of environments.

Benefit from Versatile Corning® ActiFi® Cable Installation

The ActiFi® Cable is one of the most versatile fiber options on the market today, with a variety of jacket types, fiber counts, copper conductor counts, and gauges available to address different applications and infrastructure needs. The reel-in-a-box offering is available in lengths of 500 feet and 1,000 feet for certain configurations of indoor, tight-buffered composite cables.

Easily Upgrade to a Full SD-LAN System

As networks grow to add more devices and more users, your organization might well benefit from an upgrade to a fully featured software-defined LAN (SD-LAN) solution. With Touchless Networking in place, the move to an SD-LAN setup is painless, and there’s no need to rip out and replace existing cable infrastructure. When the time comes to incorporate more complex networks, such as WLAN or AV applications, you can have peace of mind that it will be a pain- and hassle-free process.

Save on Costs

Perhaps the most considerable advantage of this solution is that it saves costs for your organization both today and tomorrow. Today, you recoup 30–50% savings compared to traditional media converter solutions and avoid the costs associated with hiring an electrician, building new IDFs, and installing extra cable trays/pathways/conduits.

However, the savings stretch well into the future by providing seamless, inexpensive upgrades to a full SD-LAN (as mentioned above) without needing to rip out and replace existing electrical cabling when network requirements expand.

How Can You Have Touchless Networking Installed?

As a certified member of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers (NPI) Program, NCS is qualified to install the Touchless Networking Solution for your organization. Not only can we install this solution, but our technicians can also perform a full site survey to determine the optimal configurations for your specific requirements.

To speak to a member of our team concerning this solution (or any of Corning’s other networking solutions), please don’t hesitate to call us at 281-484-1777. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form to tell us a little more about how you envisage implementing Touchless Networking at your location, and we will take it from there.

We can also combine the installation of Touchless Networking solutions with our suite of security products (including camera surveillance and access control systems). Feel free to learn more about our associated security system services here.

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