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Solution Spotlight: Corning ONE SD-LAN

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Corning ONE SD-LAN: The All-Inclusive Networking Solution for AV, Security, Wireless & LAN

Corning has recently launched the Corning Optical Network Evolution (ONE) Software-Defined Local Area Network (SD-LAN) solution, which is set to revolutionize organizational networking capabilities across several industries.

In short, it delivers single-mode fiber and power to the network edge. It creates a technology-neutral network that can support all of your applications and devices, including but not limited to LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, audio visual, security, and building automation.

It also delivers improved scalability without any new cabling and supports both active Ethernets deep into the network and passive optical LAN.

What is SD-LAN, the advantages, and why does this Corning solution present the perfect upgrade for your networking requirements?

What is Corning’s SD-LAN Solution?

Network lan corning scaledNetwork administrators for many organizations are increasingly finding themselves having to run more CAT 6A cables to an ever-increasing number of devices while simultaneously struggling to find enough closet space and cable trays to cope.

Worse, technicians must install increasingly complex switch configurations to ensure all of the necessary devices and applications can communicate and share information over wired and wireless networks. Then there’s the need to configure all user policies for multiple LANs across large geographical locations such as university and hospital campuses.

However, it no longer has to be this challenging to operate and manage an enterprise network with Corning’s ONE SD-LAN. Building on the principles of software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined wide-area network (WAN), Corning’s solution puts you in control.

It allows you to take advantage of policy automation, dynamic and autonomous network optimization to locate resources where they are needed the most, and enhanced visibility of all network devices.

With Corning’s SD-LAN solution, you can gain a complete 360-degree view of the entire IT estate from one central command center.

So what are some of the benefits of upgrading your network infrastructure to SD-LAN?

Why Your Business or Organization Should Upgrade to SD-LAN

In short, an SD-LAN solution such as Corning’s brings you a centrally managed, self-healing, and self-optimized network. In an increasingly digital world, you need a future-proof network solution that can deliver centralized management, application optimization, dynamic bandwidth sharing, and cost efficiencies.

Corning’s ONE SD-LAN provides all of that and more. For instance, for on-campus Wi-Fi networks, this SD-LAN can help to address deployment and visibility issues. It can monitor services, access, and usage on the network while preparing for any upgrades that wireless users may require.

Whatever the predetermined roles are on your organizational networks (such as students and lecturers or patients and medical staff), they all have their specific demands and security levels. Corning’s role-based segmentation ensures the right people are accessing the right tools, keeping your network secure.

But what about specific applications? Let’s take a look at how Corning’s ONE SD-LAN can help in this regard.

Corning ONE SD-LAN Applications and Use Cases (LAN & Security)

Network corning security scaledWhile we’ve covered the broader benefits of integrating this networking solution into your organization, let’s take a more granular look at the flexibility and scalability of this SD-LAN offering.

Firstly, with regards to your LAN itself, introducing this system means you only require one composite cable to bring both connectivity and power to your workstation. That’s right; no more closets bulging with CAT 6A cables, and any future additions to the network are simple and easy to connect.

Thus, not only do you benefit from dramatically enhanced network capabilities, but the whole deployment is also dramatically simplified and cheaper to operate and maintain.

A building or campus security is another networking aspect that benefits from the upgrade to Corning’s SD-LAN. Their solution includes outdoor-managed networking solutions for wired and wireless applications, such as IP surveillance cameras or other IoT security devices. It’s also technology-neutral since it supports both active Ethernets deep into the network and passive optical LAN.

These are just a few of the possible applications. But this SD-LAN solution allows administrators to incorporate application infrastructure via APIs tightly. They facilitate information sharing from the network to the application (such as contextual policies on user controls) while simultaneously allowing the network to respond to application requirements (e.g., supplying power to a PoE AV device).

Choose NCS to Oversee the Installation of Your SD-LAN Network of the Future

Adobestock 301701829 scaledThe number of connected devices and the amount of data that organizations are dealing with is growing exponentially, alongside ever-increasing security demands.

Corning’s ONE SD-LAN solution can address these challenges and is set to become the industry standard as more services move to the cloud. It can help your enterprise to work faster, smarter, and deliver consistently high-quality network access to your users. Best of all, it can all be controlled and monitored from one central location, with the network doing most of the heavy lifting for you automatically.

NCS can consult with your IT team to decipher the best integration strategies and make your network not only future-proof but easier to manage and administer moving forwards. Speak to a member of our structured cabling team today to discuss your network requirements.

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