Network Cabling Services on Buy Board

Do you need an upgraded security system for your government building? Or an audio-visual system for your school’s gym? Suppose your city, county, school district, a governmental or public entity is in Texas and is a part of the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative. In that case, you will need to purchase these services from a vendor belonging to a National Purchasing Cooperative like Buy Board.

The National Purchasing Cooperative Buy Board vendors undo a stringent and competitive procurement process to meet state law. Members of Buy Board enjoy convenient online shopping of approved vendors through a streamlined purchasing process while also receiving bulk discounts and rebates. As each vendor meets state requirements, members can rest assured the procurement of a listed vendor complies with their state’s laws.

Network Cabling Services on Buy BoardNetwork Cabling Services a proud vendor of Buy Board and has provided clients the security and audio-visual services since 1981. We now have six locations across Texas and employ 300 satisfied workers.

Network Cabling Services is a full-service communications infrastructure provider offering audio-visual and security to the education, healthcare, government, aviation, industrial, and commercial sectors. Be sure to check out our services and rebate pricing exclusively for Buy Board members.

With 20 awards and recognitions under our belts, we are proud of our professional security and audio services, and products. Contact us at Network Cabling Services today to get started on your purchase. We would be happy to guide you through the process and minimize any hassles that may pop up in purchasing products for your government,
public, or education entity.