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Network Cabling Services has been synonymous with quality since 1981. NCS is a one-stop solution for all your audiovisual, cabling infrastructure, security, networking, and design-consulting needs. Since its founding, our company has grown to include over 300 employees spanning 6 locations in Texas. We have expanded our suite of services to include wireless in-building systems for the delivery of cell and public safety messages and network-powered lighting.

How does structured network cabling work?

Structured cabling, otherwise known as Network cabling, is a system made up of wires, cables, and other hardware that unifies phones, AV systems, computers, security systems, data centers, and any other communication systems into a single platform. Network cabling is designed to the highest standards, with reliability and connection speed as top priorities.

Because structured network cabling adheres to the standards applied to commercial cabling, it offers a higher degree of safety, security, future-proofing capacity, and general efficiency.

Some of Our Network Cabling Solutions Include

  • Structured Cabling – As a full-service Communication Infrastructure Provider, NCS has the resources to design custom network cabling solutions for you, implement them, and provide ongoing maintenance. Read more
  • Audio Visual – Our customized audiovisual systems can effectively augment the capabilities of your existing system, in addition to providing lasting maintenance and support throughout the life cycle of your system. Read more.
  • Security – Data-related threats are on the rise and evolving constantly. The security experts at NCS can keep you protected with state-of-the-art technology. Read more.
  • PoE Lighting – Looking to freshen up your office? PoE lighting can inspire new ways of working together and help increase interactions among people. Read more.
  • Wireless Networks – We can carry out an in-depth audit if you need third-party infrastructure project inspection, testing, and documentation to ensure compliance with your warranty. Read more.
  • Distributed Antenna Systems – You want to make sure that you have a reliably strong wireless signal and radio coverage if an emergency were to occur. NCS offers surveys, network design, assessments, and more to keep your coverage dependable. Read more.
  • Nurse call systems – Our industry-specific approach to customer needs requires a best-in-class partner and platform designed for each unique industry. We have partnered with Critical Alert, a trusted source for innovative Nurse Call Systems to meet this need. Critical Alert has developed an innovative real-world solution that optimizes hospital, health, and clinical communications and workflow. Read More

Industry Segments

Network Cabling Services is an industry leader in assessing the needs and risks of our customers. When you partner with NCS, you can rest assured that all your structured cabling, audiovisual, and security needs are handled with the most up-to-date equipment, along with our company-wide commitment to best-in-class products and customer satisfaction.

Several of the markets we serve include:

  • Healthcare – Did you know that half of all healthcare network issues can be traced back to problems with the underlying cabling? Read more.
  • Industrial – The harsh nature of industrial environments can cause extra wear and tear on cabling infrastructure and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Read more.
  • Education – Technology has become an indispensable part of education. We can help you optimize your bandwidth to support the needs of current and future video and data technology. Read more.
  • Commercial – If you haven’t future-proofed your building with up-to-date network cabling, you risk needing costly replacements or augmentations down the road. Read more.
  • Government – With our cabling, government entities can perform a broad range of professional duties at the high standards that are expected of them. Read more.
  • Aviation – Safety and security are two of the most significant priorities in aviation. Our cabling, equipment, and systems can help you achieve both of them. Read more.

What Sets Us Apart

  • NCS is a BICSI Authorized Training Facility (ATF). Our credentials are recognized globally as the highest standard of ICT certifications.
  • We have been a BuyBoard Local Government Purchasing Cooperative member for years and have served as a cooperative purchasing source for many satisfied customers.
  • We are Texas DIR authorized (Contract DIR-CPO-4782) and can use the bulk buying power of the state to help our customers achieve their professional goals. Eligible customers can access considerable discounts for IT services and products.
  • Safety is one of our top priorities. We are a member of the major national safety organizations and have received awards and certifications for our outstanding safety practices.

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