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NCS Announces New Technology-As-A-Service Program

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Today we are proud to announce that we have added a new service offering to our portfolio. Technology-as-a-service (TaaS) offering that changes the way technologies are currently acquired. The new TaaS solution provides an exclusive way for clients to pay for technology solutions that bundle their equipment and support services into one low monthly subscription.

Due to rapid technological advancement, traditional ownership models lock companies into antiquated, obsolete solutions. Such ownership prevents companies from maneuvering in today’s fast-paced market due to bottlenecking and a lack of scalability, limiting growth.

The new TaaS program allows organizations to remain competitive, scaling their technology and operations as they grow through access to the technology they need on a subscription basis.

How Does the NCS Technology-as-a-Service Program Work?

Like a TV cable provider or car leasing program, the NCS TaaS subscription enables more control, flexibility, and peace of mind by giving customers hardware, support, and services for a single monthly subscription payment.

Additionally, this TaaS offering allows customers to absorb the considerable non-recoverable costs associated with acquiring new technology while continuously using working capital. The program also protects customers from hardware obsolescence pitfalls.

“Today’s technologies are growing faster than installed hardware can keep up with, resulting in limitations to growth and flexibility within an organization,” said Mike Keadle, AV and Security Division Manager at NCS. “This results in customers being less concerned with hardware ownership and instead placing a value and focus on the technology’s ability to keep up with their changing needs. Growth and scalability without a long-term commitment to hardware make a TaaS solution and ideal fit.”

Features of the NCS Technology-as-a-Service Solution

The NCS solution for your hardware and support services offers more protection, flexibility, and control than any other procurement model. Use it for AV, security, or other technology investments and get several benefits:

  • Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) – Customers can upgrade to a new solution anytime during the term, if their existing solution becomes obsolete or no longer meets their needs, with no penalty fees or remaining balance rollover.
  • Act of God/Natural Disaster Protection – Included is protection in the event of natural disasters, such as lightning, fire, hurricane, or tornado. The program will pay up to $5,000 of the insurance deductible for damaged hardware.
  • Bundled Support and Maintenance –The program includes 24/7 support and maintenance services for the entire term of your agreement.”
  • Parts and Labor No-Worry Guarantee – The exclusive platinum service package covers parts and labor for five years.

About Network Cabling Services

For over 40 years, NCS has been a technology-driven, single-source solution provider for all our clients’ audiovisual, cabling infrastructure, design consulting, and networking and security needs.

From AV to security, the NCS TaaS program gives customers the peace of mind to grow and evolve their technology solutions and needs. Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive TaaS program or discuss your specific technology needs. Learn more about NCS at

NCS is an authorized TAMCO Shield provider through our as-a-service partnership with TAMCO.

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