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Network Cabling Services Meets Demand for Nurse Call Solutions to Centralize Communications and Staff Deployment

Nurse call solutions

System reduces false-positive physiologic alarms to avoid unnecessary interruption of RNs engaged with patients, freeing up time for the most urgent needs

Network Cabling Services today announced a new offering in their growing line of cabling solutions: nurse call systems.

Nurse call systems allow patients in hospitals to call or contact their nurse or nurse’s station quickly and easily. Some also allow staff to communicate with each other and have integrated staff and equipment locator options. Initially created to alert nurses of a patient’s need, they have evolved into complex communication platforms that constitute the communication lifeline for patients and their families.

Today’s modern-day challenges include the interoperability of legacy nurse-call systems to today’s mobile phone and tablet platforms. The goal is to provide clients with best-in-class solutions that are both interoperable and provide analytics that aid in decision-making that will create better patient outcomes.

NCS has partnered with Critical Alert, an industry-leading developer of nurse call solutions, to meet this need. The NCS team can now do the following:

  • Custom configure nurse-call workflows to deliver information to the relevant caregiver or service provider by natively integrating the nurse call system with wireless clinical communications devices, real-time locating systems (RTLS), and additional applications.
  • Reduce TCO by eliminating middleware and its associated expenses: servers, licenses, implementation, support, and maintenance.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of the entire nurse-call workflow, from initial call or alert, notification and dispatch of staff, time in the room, and fulfillment, and provide insight into the factors that ultimately impact HCAHPS scoring.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by identifying the most direct factors addressed in patient-satisfaction surveys: nurse responsiveness, noise at night, pain management, and patient-discharge efficiency.
  • Reporting can be accessed in real-time to monitor operator and caregiver responsiveness, fulfillment times, rounding compliance, and other KPIs of patient satisfaction.

“By integrating legacy and new platforms we can reduce false-positive physiologic alarms to avoid unnecessary interruption of RNs engaged with patients, freeing up time for the most urgent needs and streamline clinical communications between patients and staff,” said Alan Richard, Critical Alert’s Senior Business Development Manager. “Customers can then identify and trend the most direct factors addressed in patient satisfaction surveys, like nurse responsiveness, noise at night, pain management, and patient discharge efficiency. With better data, providers can enable better patient outcomes.”

Available Nurse Call Hardware

The nurse call hardware is designed to be simple to use, accessible to service, and highly reliable. Costs are also kept low by placing nurse call intelligence in the data center and not in the hardware. By intentionally engineering the hardware to be “dumb,” upgrades don’t require an entire construction project.

The solution includes a modular hardware/software solution, including a pillow speaker, central terminal, dome lights, patient and staff stations, code and emergency pulls, and remote monitor receptacles. We also carry head-end equipment and behavioral health hardware.

The NCS Approach to Nurse Call Challenges

Each client is approached with their goals in mind. This includes ensuring the system is integrated with the highest possible quality and utilizing our in-house team of network designers and installers.

If you are looking to design the ideal nurse call system for your facility, our expertise and technology partnerships make us a leading provider for the health care industry. NCS can design, install, maintain, test, and repair your nurse call system.

As a client, you can be assured of quality and post-install support with service technicians on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond quickly to your emergency. To initiate a repair or service ticket, email our service department at or call our service manager at 281-484-1777 and provide a summary of the service needed.

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Have more time with your patients, prevent notification fatigue, manage workflows, and get high patient satisfaction with a unified nurse call system from NCS and Critical Alert. Contact us today for more information and a quote.

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