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Product Spotlight: Leveraging Advanced AV with Liberty AV’s CXUnify

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Over the last decade, rapid advances in audiovisual (AV) technology have created new opportunities to improve businesses across industries. For several reasons experts predict the AV market will only grow further in the coming years. For instance, organizations are increasingly shifting to private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments over on-premise solutions. Experts predict this will drive the need for improved AV solutions for seamless connectivity.

Moreover, multiple sectors, including education, retail, transportation, and more, are waking up to the benefits of AV technology—decreased operational costs, improved efficiencies, increased interaction and comprehension, and boosted functionality (moving away from clunky and ineffective systems).

Liberty AV’s CXUnify is making significant strides in this area with its dynamic service ecosystem powered by AV and IT-manufactured solutions.

What is CXUnify?

CXUnify’s platform encompasses four dedicated solutions: Teleportivity, CXLogistics, CXDetect, and CXSupport+. These solutions serve to unify the customer support experience and strengthen and scale a company’s service capabilities.

It should be no surprise that customer support and compelling customer experiences are a top priority for organizations today, which is reflected in the data. For example, 65% of customers report changing to a different brand due to a poor experience. What’s more, 27% of Americans state that ineffective service is their number one customer service frustration[1].

AV technology helps strengthen customer service by improving the speed of service and breaking down the barrier to entry for support staff to reach their customers efficiently and effectively.

Now, let’s look at CXUnify’s solutions in more detail.

Support phoneTeleportivity

Teleportivity leverages intelligently designed digital portals to provide tailored, interactive, custom content for multiple purposes. Users simply scan a QR code to be directed to a website modeled to reflect a unique brand, space, or situation.

Teleportivity has numerous compelling use cases. For example, a reception desk could use Teleportivity to share essential information with guests, provide easy access to registration forms, or provide live video assistance. Teleportivity can also provide room-specific tech support, instructions, or troubleshooting information for key spaces in a building. In retail, it can enable customers to see the latest product information or communicate with the sales or support teams.


Zoom laptopCXDetect is an all-in-one cloud-based management infrastructure tool designed to eliminate the need for five or more unified communication management tools such as Zoom Dashboard, TSM, CUCM, and others. It is product- and service-agnostic and simplifies AV/IT UCC monitoring by allowing you to manage multiple UC devices and brands across project sites from one centralized location.

CXDetect section focuses on room monitoring of two of the learning communications platforms on the market today: Teams and Zoom.

The solution uses the latest in machine learning (ML) algorithms and automation to predict, detect and respond to IT operations issues. This allows it to offer self-healing capabilities, which means the system can detect and remediate issues without human intervention. This allows it to have a similar experience to that of most IT-based platforms but applied to an AV environment, making the platform’s administration an easier transition for IT management.


CXLogistics is geared toward reducing logistics and field labor costs by streamlining procurement and deployment. Users can integrate Teleportivity QR/NFC tags, store owner manuals, and line drawings in a secure and easy-to-access location. This enables fast access to critical information when needed.


CXSupport+ pairs CXDetect with dedicated support personnel to actively monitor devices and equipment. Simply, CXUnify manages your AV rooms, devices, and systems globally and 24/7 and is handy to answer end-user issues. A proactive approach, it ensures your equipment is working ahead of time rather than waiting for something to break before jumping into action.

Do You Think CXUnify Could Help You Meet Your Business Goals?

If you decide CXUnify is the right fit for your business, NCS can help. We are experienced with AV system installation and can ensure your next AV solution fits your business needs and gets up and running as soon as possible.


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