ISNetworld for Hiring Clients and Contractors

For contractors, establishing a comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program is a cornerstone for ensuring operational safety and sustainability. Many of our clients, who span several diverse industries, seek reassurance these programs are not just theoretical constructs but are actively implemented across all levels of contractor organizations.

In response to this demand for heightened diligence, clients have entrusted ISN with delving deeper into the due diligence process. ISN’s role extends beyond mere documentation review; it verifies that the safety protocols outlined in a contractor’s program are effectively translated into everyday operational practices.

What is ISNetworld, and Why is It Important?

ISNetworld (ISN) is an important third-party platform for companies seeking to evaluate subcontractors and suppliers before engagement. Utilized by major corporations worldwide, ISNetworld streamlines the vetting process for both contractors and corporations, focusing primarily on safety and compliance standards.

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As a comprehensive online platform, ISNetworld facilitates submitting crucial safety documentation such as insurance certificates, OSHA logs, and safety manuals by contractors. Additionally, it conducts thorough assessments regarding the nature of a company’s work and its safety protocols. Additionally, transparency regarding training information and diligent reporting of hours and incidents per month are requisite components of ISNetworld certification.

Subsequently, companies are graded based on their safety consciousness, receiving either an “A” or “B” for exemplary adherence or a “C” or “F” for deficient practices.

NCS is a Participant in ISNetworld

NCS is recognized as an ISNetworld participant, which signifies our commitment to upholding these rigorous safety and compliance standards. We proudly maintain ISNetworld compliance, underscoring our significance in enabling installations or maintenance work within facilities.

Our ever-expanding client roster attests to our adherence to ISNetworld’s stringent safety, quality, and service requisites, fostering enduring partnerships and advancing excellence with major corporations.

How The Program Works for Hiring Clients

A strong Health, Safety, and Environmental program is vital for contractors to maintain safe and sustainable operations. Hiring clients across industries requires assurance that these programs are fully integrated from our management team to frontline staff. In response, our team and ISN have developed an implementation assessment to ensure contractors’ written HSE programs align with actual practices, enhancing the due diligence process.

The Key Benefits for Hiring Clients:

  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Confirmation of program implementation
  • Preparation for client audits
  • Promotion of safety culture improvement

How it Works for Hiring Clients

  1. Hiring clients select eligible contractors for participation based on the status of their safety programs, typically favoring those with verified programs.
  2. ISN facilitates communication between the hiring client and selected contractors through ISNetworld, outlining the next steps.
  3. The ISN team offers scheduling assistance and resources to contractors ahead of the assessment.
  4. Craft-level employees from the contractor undergo an online evaluation to assess their understanding of company safety programs before the scheduled interview.
  5. An ISN HSE professional interviews contractor safety/management members to ensure compliance with regulatory and client requirements. Any knowledge gaps are addressed with the management team to promote ongoing improvement.
  6. Assessment results are posted on ISNetworld and can be used in prequalification.

How The Program Works for Hiring Contractors

As a contractor, you can also benefit from the added due diligence process:

  • Differentiation through completion of the assessment
  • Visibility within ISNetworld and for marketing purposes
  • Support and resources from ISN to enhance safety performance
  • Sharing results with all ISNetworld hiring clients to streamline processes and reduce audit burden.

How it Works for Hiring Contractors

  1. Upon a hiring client’s request for an implementation assessment, contractors receive notification via ISNetworld. New requirements may be added to their ISNetworld account as a follow-up to previously submitted HSE programs.
  2. ISN’s support Team guides contractors through the process and assists in scheduling interviews. A Contractor Guide is provided to prepare for the assessment.
  3. Contractors arrange for craft-level employees to participate in the online evaluation, which tests their comprehension of safety training.
  4. Interviews are conducted by an ISN HSE Professional, possibly observed by the requesting hiring client. Discussions cover various aspects of the company’s HSE program, addressing questions about safety protocols, authority for stopping unsafe work, personal protective equipment, incident investigation process, etc.
  5. Following the interview, ISN provides a summary of topics discussed, identifies any gaps in knowledge, and offers resources for improvement. Results are shared with the contractor and their connected clients through ISNetworld. A grace period of 60 days is provided for addressing any identified deficiencies.

ISN has completed nearly 11,000 RAVS Plus assessments over the past 7 years and continues to grow this service offering as a value-add for our customers. For more information on the announcement of our participation or to speak with a team member, click here.