The first line of defense for many businesses is the ability to control who enters and exits the property. An access control system is an ideal way to monitor the comings and goings of visitors and staff to maintain the safety and security of all. And while a comprehensive security strategy can increase safety, it can also serve as a deterrent for criminal activity. Research shows that nearly 95 percent of businesses suffer from theft in the workplace every year.

If your Houston, Texas business has been subjected to theft or you’re concerned about the possibility of becoming a victim of corporate theft, it’s time to invest in a security access control system. But how do you know you’re choosing the right service provider to protect your business? Here are some tips on how to identify the best provider for access control systems in Houston.

Components and Types of Commercial Access Control Systems

Before delving into how to find the best access control provider in Houston, it’s important to understand the systems available for your business and how they can meet your security access needs.

  • Stp cables connected to a routerDiscretionary Access Control (DAC): This is a basic, legacy-style system where the user has direct and discretionary control over the system’s entire operation.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): The most used system for corporate operations is a role-based access control system. This solution authorizes personnel to have access to buildings and individuals based on their role in the organization. These roles are programmed and assigned by the system administrator, who can add or remove privileges as needed.
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC): Unlike discretionary access control, mandatory access control is based on the operating system that limits the ability to access or generally perform some sort of function.

Additionally, the platform may be locally hosted so that the server is on the premises or can be hosted via other options such as cloud-based systems, smartphone-based systems, and IoT-based platforms.

Define Your Security Needs

What are your business’ specific needs for incorporating a security access control system? More than deterring criminal activity, access control solutions are essential to the continued growth and health of an organization for several reasons.

Meeting compliance standards

Many regulated businesses are required to meet local, state, and federal compliance standards. The healthcare and financial services industries, for example, must administer compliance requirements to protect clients’ assets and data.

Reducing internal theft

When an organization’s bottom line is at risk because of internal theft, immediate action must be implemented. An access security system will create checks and balances for an organization and deter any further criminal activity.

Increasing physical security

Businesses today are looking for an increased level of security, which is why they opt for installing a commercial access control system over traditional lock-and-key systems. While there is nothing wrong with a conventional security system, an access control security system can ensure the longevity of a business and the safety of its staff.

What to Look for in a Security Access Control Provider

New technologies are constantly being innovated by access control providers so they can deliver consistent value and control to the end-user. However, technology development and installation are only part of the access control process. Just as important are the steps that happen in between consultation and installation, which will reveal the capability of your access control system provider.

Customer Service and Support: Ongoing support of an access control system will be required of any provider you choose, and any reputable provider will understand that. The true measure of a good provider will be their willingness to address and fix issues promptly. Depending on the size of your commercial space, issues could be more intensive and require more time and manpower. Thus, customer service should be an aspect of that service that is nurtured.

Cybersecurity: Compliance with U.S. government requirements (including the United States Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Framework (RMF) should be information with which your service provider is well versed. The RMF requires the application of risk management best practices to IT systems by implementing capabilities such as a management structure that can prevent Denial of Service (DoS). Further, the security provider needs to have installed stable equipment and capable software that can hold up against potential cyber breaches.

Expertise: Obviously, your security access control provider should be knowledgeable regarding the systems being installed to assist you with questions and further system training. This will help you make better and more confident decisions about any access control system you have installed for your business.

Training: An expert provider will understand that the work isn’t finished once the installation is complete. Post-installation and in-person training are important, as it allows you and your staff to learn the inner workings of the system. A good security access provider will discuss the system with you and address any related issues or concerns.

Touchless capabilities: With COVID-19 transmission still a concern, finding touchless technologies that still provide the same level of security should be an available option from your service provider. Containing the virus and eliminating opportunities for it to spread within a community should be a part of your discussion before system installation.

The Best Security Access Control in Houston

Network Cabling Services (NCS) provides top-quality hardware and security access control in Houston. NCS can help you secure your business property for authorized staff and eliminate the fear of any potential security breaches with a security strategy to increase safety, deter theft, monitor traffic levels, and capture and document security events in your commercial space.

Secure your commercial business with authorized professionals and increase your peace of mind with industry-leading access control system solutions by utilizing NCS’s security services. Call NCS at 800-876-2524 to find out more about commercial access control system installation services.