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Have You Ever Heard of a Video Bar? If Not, You’ve Never Seen (or Heard) Video Conferencing Like This Before

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As most of us know, virtual meetings and remote work arrangements have become the mainstay of most companies. Covid may have moved things forward, but it hit right as the broadband and high-quality, user-friendly audio-visual (A/V) solutions became the go-to technology we needed. As the needs have changed, so has the technology. Enter video bars – the all-in-one devices changing how teams collaborate and communicate.

What are Video Bars?

Video bars are all-in-one audiovisual devices that combine high-quality cameras, microphones, and speakers into a single, compact unit. They provide a seamless and user-friendly solution for video conferencing, collaboration, and presentation needs. A few key features that make video bars stand out for conference rooms are:

  • High-resolution cameras: Video bars are equipped with advanced cameras that deliver clear, crisp video quality, ensuring all participants are seen in sharp detail.
  • Integrated microphones: Built-in microphones with noise-canceling technology capture audio clearly, even in larger conference rooms, allowing everyone to be heard distinctly.
  • Powerful speakers: Integrated speakers provide high-quality audio output, ensuring all participants can hear the conversation or presentation without straining.
  • Easy connectivity: Users can easily connect video bars to laptops, mobile devices, and other peripherals with simple, plug-and-play connectivity options.
  • Compact design: Because they are all-in-one, video bars minimize clutter and simplify setup, making them ideal for conference rooms of various sizes.

So, why should you use a video bar? Well, they significantly improve the overall user experience of conference rooms by providing a single, integrated solution for audio and video needs. This eliminates the hassle of managing multiple devices and connections. Video bars also enhance collaboration and communication by delivering high-quality audio and video for all participants. The adoption rate of these new pieces of technology proves these benefits, with 52% of decision-makers adopting all-in-one A/V solutions for conference rooms.

Barco’s Video Bar Solutions

With a strong focus on user experience and ease of management, Barco’s video bars are setting new standards in the audiovisual industry. One of Barco’s flagship products is the ClickShare range of wireless conferencing and collaboration solutions. ClickShare video bars enable users to host calls from their laptops using their preferred video conferencing platform while leveraging the high-quality audio and video equipment in the meeting room.

In a recent development, Barco has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to optimize the end-user experience further and provide ease of management for IT managers. Through this collaboration, Barco will enable ClickShare devices to provide valuable data insights through Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Pro Management portal, helping IT decision-makers better understand room and device utilization.

With over 240,000 ClickShare Conference devices in the field, Barco’s solutions are poised to significantly shape the future of meeting room technology. As Jan van Houtte, Head of Product at Barco, stated, “ClickShare has always put the user at the heart of the experience while guaranteeing IT managers have the necessary insights to equip meeting rooms optimally.”

Come See the ClickShare video bar and More A/V Innovations by visiting us at InfoComm 2024

NCS is excited to announce we’re attending InfoComm 2024, which will take place from June 8-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. By staying informed about the latest A/V innovations, NCS can better serve its clients by recommending and implementing state-of-the-art solutions that optimize their conference rooms and collaboration spaces.

By attending InfoComm 2024:

  • Discover the latest A/V innovations: InfoComm provides a unique platform to explore the newest products, services, and solutions in the audio-visual industry, including advancements in video bars, wireless collaboration, and conferencing technologies.
  • Engage with industry experts: The event offers numerous opportunities to connect with A/V professionals, thought leaders, and manufacturers, fostering valuable relationships and facilitating knowledge sharing.
  • Attend educational sessions: InfoComm features a comprehensive program of seminars, workshops, and training sessions, enabling attendees to deepen their understanding of emerging A/V trends, best practices, and user experiences.

Join us at InfoComm 2024 to discover the latest audio-visual products and technological advancements with the NCS team. Our AV experts can help you schedule meetings with top A/V partners such as Crestron, Shure, Biamp, and more. Gain invaluable insights and stay ahead by joining us at InfoComm 2024.

How NCS Can Help Elevate Your Conference Room Experience

Our team at NCS specializes in implementing state-of-the-art custom A/V solutions that revolutionize how teams collaborate and communicate. By leveraging the latest advancements in video bar technology, NCS can help its clients:

  • Enhance video and audio quality: NCS recommends and installs video bars with high-resolution cameras, advanced microphones, and powerful speakers to ensure crystal-clear video and audio during meetings and presentations.
  • Simplify connectivity: With expertise in both structured cabling and wireless solutions, NCS can create conference room setups that offer easy, plug-and-play connectivity for laptops, mobile devices, and other peripherals.
  • Optimize room design: NCS works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and design conference room layouts that maximize the benefits of video bars and other A/V technologies.
  • Provide ongoing support: As a trusted technology partner, NCS offers comprehensive support services to ensure that its clients’ conference room solutions perform optimally long after the initial installation.

Get in touch today or meet with us at InfoComm 2024 to see how we can help connect your team to collaborate and communicate into the future.

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