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Partner Spotlight: Gunnebo – Elevating Entrance Security and Beyond

Gunnebo elevating entrance security and beyond

The primary purpose of entrance security turnstiles is to safely allow the flow of people to, from and around your building. Everyone must undergo identification and authorization in specific spaces, such as high rises, offices, or government buildings, before gaining entry. For venues such as sports arenas or airports, the entrance system must effectively manage the balance between facilitating free movement and maintaining stringent security measures.

By regulating the flow of people and verifying their identities, entrance security turnstiles help prevent unauthorized entry, enhance overall safety, and protect sensitive environments. Whether maintaining the integrity of restricted zones or efficiently managing crowds in busy public spaces, turnstiles contribute to a controlled and well-organized environment.

Access Control Solutions from Identification to Authorization

Visitor and employee security comes in several flavors. Businesses have numerous choices, from cutting-edge access control systems to advanced elevator destination dispatch and efficient turnstiles. Thankfully, partners like Gunnebo Entrance Control have the right solutions to make deployment and management as easy as possible.

Specializing in cutting-edge entrance security solutions, speed gates, and turnstiles, Gunnebo has solidified its position as a global leader in the industry.

Gunnebo’s reputation speaks volumes, with an impressive clientele that includes the Pentagon, USDA, and the University of Houston. These esteemed institutions trust Gunnebo’s solutions to safeguard their premises and enhance security.

Featuring two Solutions that Redefine Access Control

By seamlessly incorporating access control devices, Gunnenbo’s speed gates can offer a unified solution combining heightened security and impressive capacity. This integration effectively thwarts unauthorized entry while enabling a smooth and uninterrupted flow of individuals.

One of the critical areas Gunnenbo’s solutions address is preventing unauthorized turnstile tailgating. This is where an individual follows closely behind an authorized person to gain entry through a security turnstile without presenting valid credentials. Preventing tailgating is crucial to maintaining the integrity of access control and ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted entry through the turnstile.

As a critical partner, NCS is excited to showcase some of its products and invite you to see them live at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Dallas next month.

OptiStile and SpeedStile Turnstile Systems


Gunnebo’s OptiStile line is a state-of-the-art configurable speed gate allowing smooth, quick entry and exit. It elegantly combines aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a smooth flow of authorized individuals while maintaining stringent security protocols.

The OptiStile line seamlessly integrates with various security systems, including facial recognition and elevator destination dispatch, enhancing its adaptability to diverse environments. It can detect tailgaters while allowing for a smooth flow of traffic.

The SpeedStile line of barrier speed gates is a fully customizable solution for busy lobbies and entryways. Compatible with virtually any credentialing system including card readers, keypads, and biometric devices, the solution allows individuals’ bi-directional passage while maintaining ADA compliance and the aesthetics of your building.

The company also carries a line of tripod turnstiles, entrance gates, full-height turnstiles, security revolving doors and high security portals. The company has partnered with facial recognition manufacturers, metal and weapons detectors, and more to complement all its platforms.

Entralinq turnstyle management softwareEntraLinq Turnstile Management Software

EntraLinq, Gunnebo’s revolutionary app, provides full control and analytics of your Gunnebo product from anywhere, no matter if on-site or working remotely, and runs on smartphones or tablets via connection to the cloud.

Its user-friendly interface and advanced features set new standards for turnstile management. With the EntraLinq software, NCS clients can control, monitor, and analyze live and historical data (including passage counts, flow rates, fraud alarms, load distribution, and capacity utilization).

Join Us at GSX in Dallas – Booth #4267

We are thrilled to announce that Gunnebo will showcase its products at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Dallas from September 11-13. Make sure to mark your calendars and visit Booth #4267 to check out these solutions. But that’s not all – NCS is also excited to be part of this event! Our team members will be present at GSX, ready to engage in insightful discussions and provide you with valuable insights into the world of security integration. Book your tour of Gunnebo’s booth with your NCS Rep today as times are filling up today!

Use the promo code EV200 to get discounted access to the event, then schedule a personalized booth visit, and our team will ensure that you get an in-depth, guided tour of Gunnebo’s products and solutions. For more information or to register, visit

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