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Five Ways Structured Cabling, AV, and Security Solutions Can Help Commercial Property Owners

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered the landscape for commercial property owners. Almost overnight, building owners and managers needed to scramble to find ways to better serve their tenants. They have also made incredible strides to enhance network capabilities and ensure their property is ready for current and future growth during the digital revolution accelerated by the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for commercial property owners to enhance and future-proof their property. These options include implementing forward-looking solutions in the areas of structured cabling, audiovisual (AV) solutions, and security systems. This article will look at five of the most significant advantages that these solutions can deliver for commercial real estate owners and operators.

1. Differentiate Your Offering with Industry-Leading “Fourth Utility” Solutions

Many analysts assert that the pandemic’s fallout has taken a larger toll on the commercial real estate industry than the recession of 2008. With stay-at-home orders in place across many states, working from home has become much more socially acceptable, and commercial property owners have been challenged to convince new tenants of the benefits of taking up a lease.

Increasingly, tenants are assessing their choice of commercial space on the quality of the so-called fourth utility. Networking in office and commercial buildings has now taken its place as a utility alongside electricity, gas, and water. As a result, tenants are looking for turnkey solutions that don’t require investing in their own physical and human IT resources.

Thus, building owners need to implement networking solutions that attract tenants who place the speed and stability of their network above all else. Those with basement-to-ceiling fiber-optic cabling and internal DAS systems with 5G capabilities will leave competitors trailing in their wake when trying to attract new tenants.

In a world where everything is online, 24/7, and Internet of Things (IoT) products continue to proliferate throughout society, investing in industry-leading fiber-based networking solutions should be a priority.

2. Facilitate a Touchless Workplace with the Latest Advances in AV and Lighting Solutions

Safety is another concern of tenants. Workplaces are traditionally high-touch environments with numerous shared surfaces across one office, never mind the entire building. Pair that with the desire to run a digital-first workplace that helps incorporate remote working, and you have a sudden need to implement more effective AV technology.

Numerous integrators, such as NCS, can help commercial building owners and managers offer their tenants a touchless workplace experience, thanks mainly to advances in AV technology.

Today, managers can help implement AV systems that require no touching of shared surfaces. Clients can safely carry out video conference meetings with colleagues from all over the world using

Leading all-in-one cabled solutions such as those from Crestron allows you to carry out a touchless working day by interacting with other PoE and IP entities, such as lighting and room control solutions. With these solutions installed, there’s no need for a tenant to switch on lights, touch an AV device, or even plug in to present. Tenants can control everything from their mobile devices instead.

3. Reap the Rewards of Turning Your Commercial Property into a Smart Building of the Future

We are amid an IoT revolution. Commercial property owners not implementing IoT network infrastructure today are being left behind by those who are. Implementing next-gen IoT solutions into your building make it a more attractive proposition to tenants (as mentioned above) and can net you considerable savings on operating costs.

Take PoE lighting as one example. DC-powered lighting uses your Ethernet network infrastructure to run your lighting. Low-voltage power is transmitted over new or existing Category 5/6/6A Ethernet cables to operate the lights and collect/send data back to other IoT-connected devices to make intelligent decisions regarding lighting.

This solution ensures that lights are never turned on when unnecessary, that the brightness of lights reflects the time of day, and that you can meet your sustainability goals. The energy and, therefore, cost savings are significant too.

For example, by switching to DC-powered LED lighting, companies save approximately 75% of the energy usage of traditional fluorescent lighting, allowing them to better serve their tenants and bolster theirr bottom line.

4. Implement Touchless Access Control for Better Security

One of the biggest problems recently has been managing buildings without physical contact with other individuals. Traditional access control solutions use keypads or require touching shared surfaces such as door handles.

You can better secure your building against virus transmission and security threats by implementing touchless access control. With Bluetooth technology, tenants and building managers can access the building without touching high-contact surfaces, ensuring the safety of your staff and your tenants.

These systems are easily implemented both inside and outside your building and can be managed remotely if necessary.

5. Embrace the AI Revolution with IoT-enabled Networking

Internet of Things (IoT) devices record and send millions of bytes of data every second within the average commercial building. From IP cameras to touchless access control systems, automated doors to Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting, these IoT-enabled solutions allow you, as the building owner, to harness the power of artificially intelligent solutions.

With mountains of data pouring in every second from your network, human analysis is impossible. However, software solutions driven by machine learning can deliver incredible insights in seconds and help you optimize building operations.

By upgrading your entire device array to function using IP or PoE protocols via your network infrastructure, you can use AI-based solutions to make intelligent, data-driven decisions to improve tenant experiences, conserve energy, and save money.

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Commercial real estate owners have faced a challenging 12 months. However, this period has exposed some weaknesses and provided the impetus for some building owners to improve their structured cabling, AV, and security solutions to meet tenants’ needs better and improve safety and operational efficiency.

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