Data Center Cabling Solutions

Data Center Cabling Solutions

Network requirements for modern businesses are increasing at an incredible rate, and there is no slowing down in sight. Even the most current data centers equipped with modern data center cabling and high-tech infrastructure are reaching capacity, and constant expansion is needed to match the demand for bandwidth.

NCS offers data center cabling solutions, to help businesses move from a local area network (LAN) to a cloud network.

Why You Need To Modernize Your Network

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One of the main reasons for modern networking is low costs and increased productivity. Unlike local networking, cloud networking enhances mobility, scalability, security, and fast deployment.

That being the case, modern businesses’ needs for new technology aren’t exceptional. And even data centers with modern cabling and infrastructure are busy helping companies to acquire the network. So, this constant demand for more bandwidth has led to incredible expansion.

However, what if you have modern data with aging cabling? The first thing you think of is adding capacity. But unfortunately, the approach won’t meet your expectations. Instead, businesses should prepare for future years by future-proofing their networks with high-performance cables. NCS will diligently offer you data center cabling solutions.

The Problems With Current Cabling

NCS is focused on addressing the inadequacy of the current cabling. The existing cabling cannot meet modern network requirements. For instance, the current bandwidth demands almost 100 GB/s of speed. So, if your network is built with 10 GB/s, 20 GB/s, or 30 GB/s speed equipment, it will never reach the optimum functionality for your business.

You may be surprised to learn that higher-end data centers even demand 400 GB/s speed. And considering the rate at which technology advances, things will change drastically. That’s where NCS’s data center cabling solutions, comes in handy to help Texas businesses remain fully operational.

Like all technology, time and usage play significant roles in data center cabling performance. Additionally, it will depend on the installation, equipment quality, and maintenance. However, network speed and other capabilities issues will not be avoided since the technology is evolving rapidly.

Is modern cabling the solution? Even with the modern cabling that supports current-day servers and all protocols, you may face speed issues if the network is not regularly optimized.

Standards have been evolving over the decades. So, your data center performance will be impacted by cable usage, the type of connectors installed, and cable management, among others. As a rule of thumb, infrastructure management and design are required to match the technology used. Adapting the entire new technology is inevitable for business people.

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When To Upgrade And The Challenges

As a business, if you have an aging data center that is operating at a lower speed, there is a higher possibility that your cabling needs an upgrade. What if you have an older cabling meeting the existing server and protocol requirements? It won’t be long before you start experiencing slow network performance.

It’s essential to learn that you will soon reach your data center network capacity with modern technological advancements. And NCS is the go-to service provider for network technological advancement.

Why opt for professional services with NCS? Upgrading a data center cabling can be very challenging because educating the staff on the usage of the new equipment can be a thing of concern. There may also be downtimes and network impacts that degrade productivity. By choosing NCS, we ensure the upgrade moves smoothly and doesn’t cause disruptions in business operations. We understand that data is the heart of the business.


NCS Offers Quality Data Center Cabling Solutions

As closing advice, choosing a reliable partner in upgrading your business data center cabling is essential. This business’s lifeblood needs a professional company that will assess the existing network and brilliantly plans the transition while the business operations run as usual. And in such instances, NCS will offer you excellent data center cabling solutions, as your go-to partner.

For more information on how NCS can help your data center run at it’s peak performance, contact us.