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Curb the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace with High-Tech, Reliable Employee Corona Tags

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Corona tag ambient 02Months into the pandemic, it is no secret that we still have a long way to go. With hundreds of thousands being infected each day, most of us have been working from our homes for months. And COVID-19 has been having a disastrous impact on economies around the world. Governments have started lifting some restrictions to mitigate this and ensure that their countries don’t succumb to COVID-19. People have started getting out of their houses, and businesses have reopened their workplaces and resumed their physical operations. However, as we navigate the “new normal,” changes will need to be made at the office and in our lifestyles.

It’s important for businesses that have reopened their workplaces to create a COVID-19 strategy for the workplace because even a single infected employee can shut down an entire facility, and that’s something businesses can’t afford to go through again. Business owners should ensure that social distancing guidelines are being followed in the workplace while ensuring that each employee’s privacy is always maintained.

That’s where HighSecLab’s tech-advanced Employee Corona Tags provided by Kramer come in to curb the spread of COVID-19.

HighSecLab’s Employee Corona Tags

These tags have been designed for monitoring social distancing in the workplace the right way. Based on BlueNRG technology, the tag should be provided to every employee in the workplace. Every time two or more employees meet and are in close proximity, the encounter is saved in both the preconfigured badges.

How it Works

Corona tag ambient 03Let’s say two employees meet with each other for more than 15 minutes and are less than 6 ft. apart; this encounter will be logged in both their badges. If one of them tests positive for COVID-19, then his or her badge will be investigated, providing the organization with a generated log of all their encounters with other workplace employees in the past two weeks.

Unlike smartphone applications, which are subject to inaccurate distance measurements, policy violations, and poor battery life, Corona Tags are unique compared to other devices on the market, providing the following advantages:

  • No Charging Required
  • Work Well in Crowded Spaces
  • Accurate Measurements
  • No False Event Detection
  • Enterprise-Management Solution
  • No Central Database of Encounters Needed
  • No Cameras or Audio Devices Used
  • Maintain Employee Privacy at All Times

Kramer corona tag pi 3 scaled e1603126001200Corona Tag Features:

  • 6-Month Battery Life
  • Can Work 12 Hours a Day
  • Includes Giro for Movement Detection
  • No Wireless Communication or GPS Required
  • Simple to Use
  • No Infrastructure Changes Required

The HSL’s Corona Tags are easily incorporated into your COVID-19 workplace safety strategy. Certified and trained in nearly 100 varied manufacturing lines, we have helped various organizations install custom mobility, networking, audio visual, security, and various other smart-building capabilities for driving forward their initiatives. Contact our audio visual team to learn more and discuss the integration of HSL Corona Tags.

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