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Corning’s ActiFi™ Composite Cable: The Future of Fiber Optic Technology

Cornings actifi™ composite cable the future of fiber optic technology

What is composite cabling, and why is it a proven technology for futureproofing your infrastructure?

Composite cabling might be a new technology to some, but in April of last year, Corning announced a new cutting-edge cabling solution to fill the gap in future-ready bandwidth capabilities. Let’s talk about the benefits of using a single-mode optical fiber and the powering capabilities of copper.

Several cabling solution providers claim to be ‘futureproof.’ However, few building infrastructure cabling solutions have been proven to meet both demands of broadband performance and ease of installation.

What is composite construction, and how is it different from standard fiber or copper cabling?

Corning actifiComposite cabling combines multiple optical fibers and supporting elements in a single cable. This allows for a smaller, lighter, and more flexible cable design that can be easily installed and maintained. What makes ActiFi Composite Cable more advanced is Corning’s industry-leading optical fiber, which delivers high-speed data connectivity with minimal signal loss. This makes it ideal for many applications where data transfer speeds are critical, including broadband, data centers, industrial applications, and cloud computing.

As opposed to separate copper and fiber solutions, ActiFi Composite Cable is equipped with innovative features that make installation and maintenance easier and more cost effective than traditional fiber optic cables. It is designed to be installed with standard tools so that it can be spliced and terminated easily, making it more flexible and scalable.

It is also designed to meet the highest industry standards and is tested and certified to ensure its highest performance and reliability for the most demanding applications.

As an authorized installer and distributor of ActiFi Composite Cable, NCS has seen clients benefit from the following:

Provided more bandwidth utilizing Single Mode fiber which is unlimited.

Longer reach than traditional copper infrastructure that does not require expensive IDF build outs. ActiFi cable can reach distances of 1500 feet while providing 90w of power to the end device!

Saving Pathway Space
No rip-and-replace upgrade cycles and single-purpose infrastructure can lead to crowded pathways and complexity. As a single cabling solution, it allows you to overcome space constraints by over 80%.

Protecting Your Infrastructure Investment
By leaving Composite Cable in place during your next technology refresh, you can put your technology budgets to smarter use by avoiding costly routine rip-and-replace category cable upgrades.

Faster Network Deployments
Keep project schedules on track by saving time. ActiFi Composite Cables eliminate the need to pull separate cables for data and power.

Addressing Future Technology Requirements
Increasing Wi-Fi demands, and cameras are one of the main drivers challenging building owners to design their networks with a future-ready infrastructure, such as ActiFi Composite Cable.

How is this product used by industrial market clients, such as plants and manufacturers?

Corning’s ActiFi Composite Cable is a highly versatile solution well-suited for industrial market clients, including plants and manufacturing facilities. The following are some of the key ways that this product is used in these types of applications:

  • Plant Automation: In industrial plants, the ActiFi Composite Cable can connect various control systems and sensors, enabling real-time monitoring and control of plant operations. This helps optimize plant efficiency and reduce downtime while improving overall safety.
  • Machine Connectivity: In manufacturing facilities, the ActiFi Composite Cable can connect machines and equipment, enabling real-time data transfer and machine-to-machine communication. This helps improve manufacturing processes’ overall efficiency while reducing the risk of downtime.
  • Building Automation: In industrial facilities, the ActiFi Composite Cable can connect various building automation systems, such as lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems. This helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of the building while providing a safer and more comfortable environment for employees.

The ActiFi Composite Cable’s advanced features and performance make it ideal for high-speed data connectivity and real-time monitoring and control applications.

Need help?

With its advanced optical technologies, composite construction, and innovative installation and maintenance features, Corning ActiFi Composite Cable is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations that require high-speed data connectivity.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your connectivity, contact Network Cabling Services. We can help you discuss your connectivity issues and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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