The Key to a Thriving Organization

The days of businesses opting to utilize deadbolt locks to control access into a building are long gone. The digital revolution has transformed security access control systems used in offices from mechanical lock-and-key systems to intuitive, network-based electronic platforms that not only allow security personnel to provide and deny access to authorized and unauthorized individuals, but that also enable a business to monitor the foot traffic moving through its building throughout the day.

Components and Types of Security Access Control Systems

Access control solutions provide three components.

  1. User-Facing Component: This includes card readers, access control keypads, biometric sensors, and authorization cards.
  2. Admin-Facing Component: This comprises access management dashboards, monitors, and API integrated digital interfaces.
  3. Infrastructure: This includes the servers and all the hardware devices.

Based on their functions, access control system solutions branch out into three types.Commercial security access control systems solutions

  1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC): This is a basic, legacy-style system where the user has direct and discretionary control over the system’s entire operation. 
  2. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): The most used system for corporate operations is a role-based access control system. This solution authorizes personnel to have access to buildings and individuals based on their role in the organization. These roles are programmed and assigned by the system administrator, who can add or remove privileges as needed.
  3. Mandatory Access Control (MAC): Unlike discretionary access control, mandatory access control is based on the operating system that limits the ability to access or generally perform some sort of function.

Additionally, the platform may be locally hosted so that the server is on the premises or can be hosted via other options such as cloud-based systems, smartphone-based systems, and IoT-based platforms.

Why Businesses Need Access Control System

More than deterring the theft of a business, access control solutions are essential to the continued growth and health of an organization for several reasons.

Meeting compliance standards

Many companies within a particular industry are required to meet local, state, and federal compliance standards. The healthcare and financial services industries, for example, must administer compliance requirements to protect clients’ assets and data.

Reducing internal theft

When an organization’s bottom line is at risk because of internal theft, immediate action must be implemented. An access security system will create checks and balances for an organization and deter any further criminal activity. 

Increasing physical security

Businesses today are looking for an increased level of security, which is why they opt for installing this system over traditional lock-and-key systems. While there is nothing wrong with a conventional security system, this system can ensure the longevity of a business and the safety of its staff. 

How to Choose the Right Type of Platform for Your Business

No matter what type of access control system you choose, take these factors into account before selecting a platform:

  • Compatibility with existing hardware installations 
  • Ease of use and configuration
  • Support of various types of authentications, from biometric authentications to card readers and two-factor authentications
  • Compliance with local regulations and standards
  • Integration ability with other surveillance and security systems
  • Support for cloud, mobile, and IoT-based control and all contemporary wired and wireless technologies
  • Availability of robust professional-grade customer support
  • Use of end-to-end encryption for signal and data transmission

Access Control System Solutions from NCS

Network Cabling Services (NCS) provides top-quality hardware and software components for access control systems from leading manufacturers. NCS can help you secure your business property for authorized staff and eliminate the fear of any potential security breaches with a security strategy to increase safety, deter theft, monitor traffic levels, and capture and document security events in your commercial space.

NCS’s trained security and technology specialists continue to educate businesses about constantly evolving security threats and offer up-to-date security that will protect your organization as these threats continue to evolve. 

With our wide array of services, NCS helps businesses with:

  • Infrastructure survey and evaluations for your business needs 
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Detailed system design 
  • Turnkey installation and documentation of hardware and software
  • Technical maintenance and support of your access control system
  • Professional after-project service and support options
  • Stocked inventory and replacement parts

Secure your commercial business with authorized professionals and increase your peace of mind with industry-leading access control system solutions by utilizing NCS’s security services. Call NCS at 800-876-2524 to find out more about access control system installation services.

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