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Commercial access control system integrator in dallas txExpanding your Dallas-based business can pose difficulties, but as your company grows, it requires a more comprehensive support system to ensure security. Security ranks as one of the most significant threats to your business, so engaging an access control solutions provider is vital to safeguard your business. The initial step towards creating a safer work environment is to implement a system that allows you to track your employees’ movements and restrict access to certain areas to authorized personnel only.

If you seek an access control solutions provider for various reasons, Network Cabling Services (NCS) can assist you, regardless of your primary objective. NCS offers different access solutions to suit your preferences and business configuration, such as biometric sensory, card reader, keypad, or complete access restriction to specific areas.

Some of the most popular reasons that businesses look into access control systems include the following:

  • Ensuring that only trained employees have access to hazardous equipment or chemicals
  • Restricting access based on employee responsibilities and job roles
  • Complying with security industry regulations and standards
  • Minimizing incidents of employee theft
  • Improving physical security to enhance safety

NCS, located in Dallas, is a full-service access control solutions provider. Our primary objective is to ensure that companies run efficiently and safely. We offer customized infrastructure surveys and assessments to meet your needs. This approach enables us to identify the best system for your business.

We provide cost estimates to all our clients, which is crucial when evaluating access solutions and creating a realistic budget. We understand that each business operates on a different budget, and we work hard to design an affordable and sustainable security solution in the long run. We firmly believe that you should never have to compromise security for affordability.

Before installing your access control system, we can provide a detailed system design and complete documentation of all required hardware and software. This can help business owners better understand their investments and how the system will be utilized.

We handle the turnkey installation and provide technical maintenance and support for all access control systems. Choose NCS as your access control solutions provider, you choose a lifelong partner committed to supporting your business and security. We have a full support team with the expertise to keep your system running.

Protect Your Business In Dallas With a Top Commercial Access Control System Integrators in Dallas

The digital age has revolutionized everything about the way we live. This includes how companies secure their buildings to protect their assets when no one is around or to prevent individuals from entering a building they are not supposed to have access to. 

Suppose you rely on an outdated deadbolt to safeguard your business when your employees leave or restrict access to certain areas. In that case, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Our cutting-edge commercial access control system integrators in Dallas can provide the protection your business needs.

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What Options Are There For Security Access Control Systems?

Three general components common to all security access control systems are used to lock and secure buildings. 

  • User-facing component: The user-facing component of a security access control system can take multiple forms according to your preferences and needs. A card reader, an access control pad, keypads to input an access code into, biometric sensors, and authorization cards are some of the most popular options. An individual uses this part of an access control system to request building access.
  • Admin-facing component: The admin-facing element in an access system could be an access management dashboard, monitors, or API-integrated digital interfaces. This component is the portion of an access control system that allows building administrators to grant or deny access to someone at a secured entrance point. 
  • Infrastructure: An access control system’s infrastructure includes the servers and hardware used by user- and admin-facing components to function.

Three types of access control systems exist based on their purposes and functions. Choosing the right one for you depends on your company’s needs. 

  1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC): This is a fundamental, legacy-style access control system characterized by the user having complete control over the system’s entire operation. For instance, if all you need to do to gain access to a building is insert a card–without waiting for someone else to grant or deny your request–you’re using a DAC system.
  2. Role-Based Control (RBAC) is the most popular access control system. It involves preprogramming the system to allow individuals access to specific locations and people and restrict access to other locations and people. You can reprogram RBACs as needed. If an employee gets promoted and needs access to locations previously not allowed, you can give them.
  3. Mandatory Access Control (MAC): Whereas a DAC system allows a user to gain access to an area, a MAC control system is implemented to keep everyone out of a given location except for individuals with corporate authorization to be there. 

You also have various hosting options for your access control system. You can choose local hosting, where the server is on-premise. Other options include cloud-based systems, smartphone-based systems, or even IoT-based systems.

Why Do You Need An Access Control System Integrator, And How Do You Choose The Right One?

There’s a broad range of reasons why businesses should invest in a security access control system: 

  • Compliance with industry regulations that require them (healthcare and financial companies both do)
  • Reducing internal theft in organizations
  • Increasing physical security beyond what legacy systems can offer

You’re probably also wondering how to select the right system for your needs. Here are some determining factors: 

  • Compatibility with your existing hardware
  • The simplicity of setup and use
  • The level and type of access protection you need
  • End-to-end encryption and responsive customer support

How Can NCS, A Leading Integrator of Commercial Access Control Systems in Dallas, Help You Succeed

Network Cabling Solutions (NCS) makes it easy to get top-quality hardware and software components for commercial access control system integrators in Dallas, TX. Secure your business property and protect yourself from security breaches by individuals inside and outside your corporate environment. 

  • Evaluate your business’s needs based on its infrastructure
  • Accurately estimate costs
  • Design detailed systems unique to your company
  • Maintain and support your access control system
  • Stock inventory and replacement parts, and much more

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