Maximize Your Cellular Coverage and Wireless Experience with DAS Cellular

Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Cellular distributed antenna systems can boost the quality of your building’s voice and data. DAS cellular networks can increase the value of your commercial property because they improve public health and safety by connecting a system of antennas to one common source. You can use it to extend your cellular wireless coverage with better performance.

Best of all, you maintain flexibility in how you wish to set up your wireless coverage, and when you choose Network Cabling Systems (NCS), you get all this at a reasonable cost.

Why You Need DAS Cellular

Das cellularYou may realize that your building needs better Wi-Fi and cellular services. However, many property owners and managers need to learn what DAS cellular services can do to improve their communications and connectivity.

The problem starts with construction materials that impede wireless services. Many commercial buildings are constructed of concrete, low-E glass materials (especially in LEED-certified buildings) and metal. While these durable, energy-efficient materials help create a greener, LEED-certified building, they spell trouble for your Wi-Fi and cellular services. When many users connect personal devices to the cellular system, this can compound the problem and lead to service interruptions.

You need DAS cellular from a reliable vendor to help prevent dropped calls that can negatively impact your business or tenants.

Consider installing a DAS to improve your wireless experience. Additionally, it’s essential to understand your responsibilities under the law. What NFPA and IFC regulations apply to your city? For example, first responders use UHF/VHF and 700 Mhz/800 MHz frequencies. With clear signals, these emergency workers can do their jobs!

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About Distributed Antenna Systems

What is DAS cellular, anyway? A distributed antenna system aims to improve reception in buildings with poor wireless connectivity. An in-building wireless system has several small antennas that relay and boost the cellular signal, resulting in clear, reliable signals everywhere in your building.

How does it work? Experienced technicians install a head-end controller and connect several antennas to it. This boosts your cellular network, expanding it throughout the property. A strong safety and security element may make it even more urgent to adopt DAS cellular in your commercial property.

NCS provides fast, precise DAS installation services. It starts with a no-pressure evaluation of how your employees or tenants can benefit from DAS technology.

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How DAS Works: Learn More With Our Infographic

To help you better understand the technology, we’ve created a number of tools to simplify the science. Basically, DAS service uses a network of antennas to amp up cellular signals. Since we use licensed frequencies, you don’t have to worry about violating communications regulations. However, you can count on improved voice and data connectivity for all wireless consumers using the network.

The signal source doesn’t produce an independent cellular signal, and it uses the DAS to strengthen the signals within the building. Often, that means that you start with a 4G LTE or 5G signal source. The approach we take to distribute the signal effectively varies depending on the circumstances.

Once we install the antennas and controller, the system pushes the cellular signal throughout the building. However, there are different types of distributed systems, such as hybrid, passive, active or digital. As more areas adopt 5G technology, consumers are using more smart devices than ever before. If you want to maintain strong signals without interruptions, it’s important to integrate DAS into your infrastructure.


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Are you ready to find out all the details of how DAS works? Download our infographic for a simple explanation to help you make a final decision.

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