Conduit Technician/Industrial Electrical Helper

Position Summary

Install, repair, and maintain conduit, low voltage cabling, equipment and fixtures.
Work on underground cable and conduit installation, terminating, and telecommunications equipment installation.

Position Responsibilities

  • Cut, bend, and run conduit as specified on blue prints.
  • Install, modify, and fabricate cable trays as necessary according specifications.
  • Pull and Install cable through specified pathways.
  • Install telecommunications equipment.
  • Install and terminate structure cat5e, cat6 and cat6A cables.
  • Test electrical and telecommunications components for continuity and proper voltage readings according to specifications.
  • Inspect electrical and telecommunications equipment and components to identify hazards and to ensure the equipment is in good operational condition.
  • Install and maintain the grounding systems for all equipment and structures.
  • Hoist equipment and tools into location via bull rigging or crane.
  • Operate excavation and trenching equipment and tools.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have basic knowledge of electrical construction processes
  • valid TWIC card
  • able to pass DISA background and hair follicle drug screening which analyzes 6 months activity
  • must be able to configure 3 point saddle
  • make 30 and 45 offset and 90 degree bend
  • cut, thread and bend 1”, 2”, 3” rigid conduit and aluminum conduit
  • able to operate a Green Lee 555; use a power pony