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PGS is a company that provides images of the subsurface, from beneath the ocean floor, that oil companies rely on to find oil and gas reserves worldwide. They are a technology driven company that provides a broad range of seismic, electromagnetic, and reservoir services. Since they are such a technologically motivated company, it is imperative to have a state of the art data center. When their data center here in Houston was being built back in 2009, there was a split between whether Cat6a (10G) copper or fiber was going to be the preferred standard from the vendors. PGS decided to implement both solutions so that they would be covered for the future. As time moved on, their copper solution got less and less usage to the point it was only about 4% utilized. This made it an easy decision to go ahead and remove the copper, freeing up space for the new fiber cassette infrastructure.

NCS Solution:

NCS, in agreement with PGS, recommended updating their data center by replacing the existing copper installation with a fiber solution. Due to bandwidth requirements, PGS realized that their network infrastructure needed to be flexible and scalable, while supporting different bandwidth applications.  Utilizing the CommScope InstaPATCH 360 Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution, with MPO Connectivity and Applications Specific Breakout Modules, PGS and NCS were able to design and implement a solution that would take the installation from 10G to 40G and allow for flexibility to higher speeds of 50G, 100G and beyond.  This would allow for PGS to continue exceptional support to their clients and future proof themselves for further equipment refreshes.


With the help of NCS and CommScope, PGS now has a solution in place that will allow for future fiber migration/technologies. They have a clear upgrade path from 10G to 100G+. As PGS migrates onto 100G they will use more MPO fibers, which is the reason they planned for expansion and increased the initial infrastructure cabling. This allows them to either expand with cassettes so they can increase the port count or change to using the MPO adapter plates, increasing both the density of the installation in the same footprint and allowing for higher speeds at each port.

 Network Cabling Services – Structured Cabling

NCS is a full- service Technology Infrastructure Integrator with the resources to design, implement, and maintain structured cabling, AV, and security systems and equipment from facilities analysis and engineering to installation and maintenance. Our experts offer a full range of needs and risk assessment services that will improve your technology infrastructure and keep you on top of the latest developments in industry advancements.

CommScope, Inc – Manufacturer

CommScope is a global provider of essential infrastructure solutions for wireless, business enterprise and residential broadband networks. Our solutions and services for wired and wireless networks enable high-bandwidth data, video and voice applications. CommScope’s global position is built upon innovative technology, broad solution offerings, high-quality and cost-effective customer solutions and global manufacturing and distribution scale.

Customer Review:

“Please pass on my thanks to Noel and Edgar for such a well done job. They worked tirelessly to complete the work in time and to the high standard we like to see. This implementation was quite a complicated job with switch breakouts in one direction and cassette fan outs in another but yet they managed to get the labeling perfect. As mentioned what I really liked was them not being afraid to ask questions, they started being a little confused on the setup but after 20 mins of questions were up to speed on what needed doing which meant little supervision was needed from me.”

-James Watson, PGS

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