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Product Spotlight: Ashton Bentley’s Connect Series

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Creating video-enabled meeting rooms just got easier. With Ashton Bentley’s Connect Series, businesses of all sizes can easily create high-quality video-enabled meeting rooms with minimal hardware. This scalable solution uses a range of unique AV equipment designed as building blocks to help your business create video meeting rooms that perfectly fit your needs.

Simple Two-Box Solution

Home connect room systemThe entire Ashton Bentley Connect Room System can be powered and controlled by just two simple hubs. One is designed to fit right under your table, and the other connects the display and video conferencing hardware.

You can put the room hub in the display chassis or behind the display. This box acts as a receiver for input devices, routes, and controls 4k video and audio signals, and controls your displays, codecs, and input display. It also has two HDMI inputs you can directly route inputs through.

As the source for connections, the table hub can be installed anywhere you connect laptops and devices, whether under a table or inside a lectern. You can connect any device to the table hub with either HDMI or USB-C. The table hub only receives data through HDMI, but can both receive and send data through USB-C.

You only require two devices to connect your entire video-enabled meeting room, giving the versatility you need to set up quickly and connect with almost any device. Easy to order, easy to install.

Simple to Use Out of the Box System

Ashton Bentley makes it easy to use the Connect Room System right out of the box. Simply

  1. Mount the display or use a freestanding base,
  2. Mount the table and room hub and connect the table and room hub.
  3. Select the input via the integrated touch panel,
  4. Start using the system with any device connected to the table hub.

Connect room system schematic

For a professional setup with cable management solutions, expert display mounting and positioning, and clean connectivity, Network Cabling Services is ready to bring an entire Ashton Bentley Connect Room System to your business. NCS offers top-of-the-line expertise to help you create a functional and aesthetic video-enabled meeting room that can scale alongside your business growth.

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