Access Control Systems & Solutions Provider in Houston, TX

Scaling your Houston, TX business can be challenging, but a larger business demands a larger support system to ensure your system remains secure. Cybersecurity is one of the largest perceived threats over the next decade, so you need to have an access control solutions provider, that can protect your business. Implementing a system that allows you to track the movement of your employees and ensure that only those with the right credentials enter certain areas of your business is the first step in creating a better work atmosphere.

For multiple reasons, you might be looking at an access control solutions provider. Network Cabling Services (NCS) can help you regardless of your primary goal. Several different access solutions depend on your preferences and your business setup, including organizing access via a biometric sensory, card reader, keypad, or complete restricted access in certain areas.

Some of the most popular reasons that businesses look into access control systems include the following:

  • Keeping untrained employees away from hazardous equipment or chemicals
  • Organizing access based on employee role
  • Meeting compliance regulations such as Security Industry Association roles
  • Reducing employee theft occurrences
  • Boosting physical security for safety purposes
Access control systems & solutions provider in houston, tx

How NCS Can Help Houston, TX Businesses

NCS is a professional access control solutions provider in Houston, TX. We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure they have the safety solutions to protect intellectual property, physical property, equipment, inventory, and employees. Our primary goal is to keep businesses running effectively and safely. One of the perks of working with a professional company like ours is that we offer customized infrastructure surveys and assessments to ensure our solutions work for your business. This also helps us identify the best system and fit for your business that will grow along with it.

We also offer all of our client’s cost estimates, which is important when looking at access solutions and creating a realistic budget. NCS recognizes that all businesses have different operating budgets, so we work hard to create a security solution that will fit your budget. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice security for affordability, and we work hard to create a plan that will be sustainable long past the original installation of the system.

NCS is also able to provide a detailed system design and full documentation of all hardware and software that will be required prior to the installation of your access control system. For many business owners, it helps to see what you are paying for and how it will be used.

In addition, while we take care of the turnkey installation for our clients, it can be comforting to know that we also handle the technical maintenance and support of all of the access control systems we provide. When you choose NCS as your access control solutions provider, you choose a lifelong partner that is ready to support your business and its security needs. You will never have to worry about upgrading or finding a separate maintenance team because we offer a full support team with the inside knowledge necessary to keep your system operational.



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What Types Of Industrial Access Control Systems Does NCS Offer?

NCS offers a variety of industrial access control options for your business, regardless of size. Whether you run a multi-site operation or a smaller business, our systems are designed to scale as your business grows seamlessly.

We offer the freedom and convenience to choose from a variety of applications, including :

  • Use card readers and IP-based access management software from leading manufacturers
  • Physical security, including turnstiles, gates, locking hardware, and other physical barriers
  • High-resolution video surveillance systems, including hidden and visible cameras, motion detection, wireless networks, and camera controls accessible from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.
  • Blue light and emergency phone that allow for call tracking to manage employees and guests
  • Intrusion detection with real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities


Looking For an Access Control Systems & Solutions Provider in Houston, TX? We Are Here to Help.

We are ready to help you with your next access control project, regardless of the size. If you are looking for a technology solution in Houston, contact Network Cabling Services today. We have a certified team that is ready to create a custom, comprehensive IT solution to streamline your technology needs.