Access Control Systems & Solutions Provider in Dallas, TX

An expanding business needs reliable security. You can safeguard your assets with the help of a premier access control solutions provider. These systems are more in demand than ever because they keep potential thieves from accessing the premises.

Your trusted employees retain access to designated areas to do their work. However, keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners bar individuals from sensitive or restricted areas.

Whether you need to protect sensitive information or employees from potentially dangerous equipment, you can organize your staff into security groups based on their jobs, seniority, or other factors. NCS provides industry-leading protection access control solutions you can customize to your needs.

NCS provides complete turn-key services from design, installation, maintenance of your company’s information systems, wide area and local area networks, outside plant, premise-wiring infrastructure, and security systems integration. Additionally, you can be confident in the quality of service protection we provide through Converged Access.

As a natural extension of our structured cabling division, NCS offers audio/visual integration services. NCS’s certified designers and engineers skillfully conceptualize, execute, upgrade and maintain superior audio/visual systems designed to connect classrooms, boardrooms and mass facilities.

NCS takes pride in all installations and delivering superior service at every phase. It’s at the core of our family owned company’s values. We care for our customers and want to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

We are a family of specialists and technicians dedicated to success. We are a Woman Owned Business. NCS is a cleared facility and cage codes can be provided upon request.

Why Should Your Company Install Access Control Solutions?

Do you need to meet the compliance requirements of industry watchdog organizations like the Security Industry Association (SIA)? To do so, limit access to prevent internal theft and shrinkage. Additionally, establishing physical security can prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your assets and employees.

What Are the Advantages of Investing in Access Control Solutions?

NCS is the leading access control solutions provider in Dallas. As leaders in the industry, we offer numerous products and services that can help you maintain security without interrupting operations.

Here are just some of the services that can benefit your business:

  • Infrastructure surveys and assessments to give us a firm grasp of your needs so we can suggest the right solution
  • Upfront cost estimates that allow you to create an accurate budget before we begin the project
  • Professional installation and documentation of the system for your future references
  • Production support after installation to ensure seamless operations

Access control systems & solutions provider in dallas, tx

What Access Control Systems Make Sense for Your Business?

NCS has several industrial access control options for every type of business. Whether you run a school, zoo, or large facility, we can suggest systems designed to scale up or down easily, as needed.

Here are just a few options you can implement alone or together for your organization:

  • IP-based access management software with card readers from proven brands
  • Physical security solutions, from locking mechanisms to gates to other physical barriers
  • Visible and hidden cameras installed as part of a high-resolution video surveillance system
  • Motion detection, wireless networks, and camera footage available on remote devices such as laptops or smartphone
  • Call tracking hardware to manage visitors
  • Intrusion detection, including alarm systems


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Access Control Systems: How They Work

If you want to secure your facility, school, industrial complex, or other location, it requires more than setting up cameras and posting guards at the entrances. Partner with a proven access control solutions provider, to develop a comprehensive strategy that includes video surveillance, alarm capability, and helpful feedback on security at your company.

NCS access control systems deter crime and increase safety while helping you keep track of employees and guests. We provide easy solutions for managing security on your campus, office building, warehouse, or other location. We also hire experienced security and technology experts who can recognize evolving security threats, and our specialists keep you protected and informed when threats emerge.

When you need first-class solutions for complex security problems, turn to our team. With name-brand technology and integrated solutions protecting your assets, people, and property, you can focus on running your business or facility.


NCS Is Your Trusted Access Control Systems & Solutions Provider in Dallas, TX

Reach out to NCS today to find out more about our services or to schedule a consultation to design and install unique solutions for your premises. As the leading Dallas access control solutions provider, we can offer several price points so that you can compare your options and make an informed decision.