Improving Security in Schools with Access Control Solutions

A classroom environment needs to make students feel protected; otherwise, it cannot be conducive to learning. The National Center for Education Statistics reports, criminal activity at schools is a grave concern today. With more than 1.4 million incidents of violence, crime, and other threats occurring at schools across the nation, it has become necessary to explore tools to improve security on school campuses.

Access Control Solutions for SchoolsAccess control solutions are designed to assure admission to school buildings, and other facilities are safe intruders.

Security is not just about alerting individuals when something has occurred. Networked door locks, monitored gate entry systems, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition technology provide access control that makes sure only those with the right credentials can enter the premises. At the same time, visitors can be screened for additional security or turned away by the school altogether.

Since these solutions can be online, they can be integrated into existing visitor management systems and connected to online information systems in the cloud to generate real-time data that helps identify and address visitors accordingly.

Automatic number plate recognition systems can also potentially detect approaching threats. Networked security cameras can alert management that a vehicle not registered in the school’s database and preemptively warn personnel. These alerts can also trigger emergency communication over intercoms or handheld devices.

Additionally, access control solutions can support security in more crowded areas of the school. Cafeterias, for example, can be equipped with magnetic locking systems and security turnstiles to either slow personal traffic or entirely lock people out. Also, the technology does not stop with only locking, but by using facial recognition technology, a person’s face can be scanned, matched to a database, and verified.

If you are needing an experienced partner in the area of school access control systems, NCS can provide complete turnkey solutions for your needs. Our team is trained and certified by leading security partners. We can upgrade your structured cabling and wireless infrastructure, install cameras, locks, and other networked systems, and provide training to your staff.

Need a custom solution, NCS personnel can design, install, and maintain customized security solutions to meet your individual needs. For more information, feel free to contact our team today.

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