The Industry Leader for Fiber Optic & Copper Cable Assemblies

The success of your business depends on the speed and bandwidth of your network, which means you need to choose the highest-quality cable to ensure lightning-fast data transfer speeds. High-performance networks are vital for any business. Whether you’re undertaking a data center expansion or upgrading your in-house infrastructure, you need to choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of success.

For over 40 years, JAR Industries, an American-based company, has provided fiber optic cables, copper patch cords, wiring harnesses, and custom assemblies to a selection of Texas’ largest companies. We’ve proudly built an industry-leading reputation for providing impeccable quality, customer service, fast turnarounds, and competitive pricing.

Why Choose JAR Industries?


Our experienced and highly skilled team offers custom-design engineering and prototype fabrication. We stock a large inventory of fiber, copper, and connectors for quick turnaround.

As your one-stop solution, we can tackle a wide range of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Fiber optic assemblies, fiber assembly, and modular patch cords
  • Multi-mode, single-mode, MTRJ, FC, ST, SC, LC connections
  • Industrial cable assembly/weld leads/special cables
  • Equipment control assembly: cranes, lifts, fabrication equipment, robotic equipment
  • Custom Enclosures/Custom Assembly/Custom Lighting
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You can reach us directly at 713-933-1690 or

Copper Cable Assemblies

JAR Industries has been producing the highest quality copper cables for over 40 years. With the capacity to produce 500-800 CABLES PER DAY, we have the experience and ability to produce virtually every type of copper cable—with unmatchable expertise.

Types of Assemblies

  • Audio cables
  • CAT5/6
  • Printer, ribbon, serial, USB, RF
  • Video, telephony, and wiring harnesses

Cable Used 

  • CAT6-E, CAT6, CAT5-E, CAT 5 25-pair, and CAT 3
  • Coaxial, audio/video


  • 1 Ideal industry wire prepper system II for automatic wire cutting
  • 2 REEL-O-MATIC wire cutter systems
  • 3 Spoolers
  • 4 Amp RJ45/RJ13 pneumatic presses
  • 1 Artos CS-26A cutter/stripper
  • 1 Amp 25 pair telco machine
  • 6 Solder stations
  • 2 Brady printers
  • 1 Fluke DTX-1200 CAT5-CAT6a Cable Analyzer
  • 1 Cirrus 1000RT – Cable tester
  • 1 Cirrus Signature 2000 – Cable tester
  • 100+ Hand crimpers, cutters, and strippers

Fiber Optic Cables

Since 1992, JAR Industries has offered a full line of custom fiber cables. Multimode and single-mode fiber optic jumpers of all lengths and configurations are produced in house to your specifications. Our swift turnarounds facilitate one-day service if needed. Larger runs can be scheduled and expedited to meet your delivery needs.


  • ST, SC, SMA, MTRJ, LC, and FC

Equipment Used  

JAR Industries uses nanometer equipment to carry out the UPC polishing. This high-quality equipment produces the finest in fiber optic cables.


Products Produced 

  • Fluid control products
  • Control systems

Types of Assemblies 

  • Through-hole technology
  • Surface mount technology
  • Hand-soldered components and wiring