The success of your business depends on the speed and bandwidth of your network, which means you need to choose the highest-quality cable to ensure lightning-fast data transfer speeds. High-performance networks are vital for any business. Whether you’re undertaking a data center expansion or upgrading your in-house infrastructure, you need to choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of success.

For over 40 years, JAR Industries, an American-based company, has provided fiber optic cables, copper patch cords, wiring harnesses, and custom assemblies to a selection of Texas’ largest companies. We’ve proudly built an industry-leading reputation for providing impeccable quality, customer service, fast turnarounds, and competitive pricing.

We’ve established our national stature by standing behind the quality of our craftsmanship and offering a lifetime warranty on any production defects. Our commitment to excellence is further underscored by our quality control system. Better still, we boast a large cabling warehouse with 18,000 square feet of cables and connectors ready to mobilize to meet your project demands.

What marks us out from competitors is our ability to deliver flexibility when it comes to pricing and requirements. First, we have procured one of the most substantial buying powers of any cabling company in the nation to secure significant savings for your company. Second, we are capable of adapting to the needs of your business; whether you need one custom assembly in two or three hours, or a million assemblies scheduled over several months, we guarantee on-schedule delivery and project satisfaction.

No matter the size or scale of your infrastructure needs, you can rely on our highly skilled and experienced workforce to supply cables your business can depend on.

Why Choose JAR Industries?


Our experienced and highly skilled team offers custom-design engineering and prototype fabrication. We stock a large inventory of fiber, copper, and connectors for quick turnaround.

As your one-stop solution, we can tackle a wide range of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Fiber optic assemblies, fiber assembly, and modular patch cords
  • Multi-mode, single-mode, MTRJ, FDDI, FC, ST, SC, LC connections
  • Industrial cable assembly/weld leads/special cables
  • Equipment control assembly: cranes, lifts, fabrication equipment, robotic equipment
  • Custom Enclosures/Custom Assembly/Custom Lighting
214 copper cable
214 copper cable 1
222 copper cable 2

You can reach us directly at 713-933-1690 or

Copper Cable Assemblies

JAR Industries has been producing the highest quality copper cables for over 40 years. With the capacity to produce 2000–5000 CABLES PER DAY, we have the experience and ability to produce virtually every type of copper cable—with unmatchable expertise.

Types of Assemblies

  • Audio cables
  • CAT5/6
  • Printer, ribbon, serial, USB, RF
  • Video, telephony, and wiring harnesses

Cable Used 

  • CAT6-E, CAT6, CAT5-E, CAT 5 25-pair, and CAT 3
  • Coaxial, audio/video


  • 1 Ideal industry wire prepper system II for automatic wire cutting
  • 2 REEL-O-MATIC wire cutter systems
  • 3 Spoolers
  • 4 Amp RJ45/RJ13 pneumatic presses
  • 1 Artos CS-26A cutter/stripper
  • 1 Amp 25 pair telco machine
  • 6 Solder stations
  • 2 Brady printers
  • 1 Fluke DTX-1200 CAT5-CAT6a Cable Analyzer
  • 1 Cirrus 1000RT – Cable tester
  • 1 Cirrus Signature 2000 – Cable tester
  • 100+ Hand crimpers, cutters, and strippers

Fiber Optic Cables

Since 1992, JAR Industries has offered a full line of custom fiber cables. Multimode and single-mode fiber optic jumpers of all lengths and configurations are produced in house to your specifications. Our swift turnarounds facilitate one-day service if needed. Larger runs can be scheduled and expedited to meet your delivery needs.



Equipment Used  

JAR Industries uses nanometer equipment to carry out the UPC polishing. This high-quality equipment produces the finest in fiber optic cables.


Products Produced 

  • Fluid control products
  • Control systems

Types of Assemblies 

  • Through-hole technology
  • Surface mount technology
  • Hand-soldered components and wiring